Extreme flooding in Maine washes away local landmark

Record-breaking flooding is wreaking havoc in Maine, pushing the water level in Portland to a 45-year high.


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  1. Trump mat have cursed the state of Maine.
    His appearance tells it all. He hates all who opposes him. More so that this State has shown him a middle finger.
    Then Trump went and " bought" these extreme weather , to deal with his exclusion.

  2. Could Scotland's Adrok kindly verify that Rome's port, 200 AD, was about 40 meters higher than today's sea levels?
    Background: The natural rhythm for sea levels is about 40 meters +/- over millennia, and of course much greater over tens of thousands of years. Civilizations built on ports end when their ports are high and dry or submerged. Obviously tax payers don't pay for ports designed for such large fluctuations in sea levels. If you check out Troy, and other old ports, it's the same damn thing? I'm writing to Adrok because Scotland always had to be smarter than England in order to survive. Ukraine's new ports need to be designed for fluctuations in sea levels.

    We know from old photographs, Icefields Parkway, Canadian Rockies, that massive global warming, measured in centuries, was going on before industrialization, and it's still going on which suggests we'll reach the high water mark, sea levels 40 meters higher than today. Obvious questions are when and how to replace our ports.

    Verify or rebut.

    It appears NASA et al are great at precision science &  engineering and weak in fuzzy, complex and statistical science , engineering and structures. Would the AI community KINDLY take a trip to the ancient port site indicated and verify it's about 40 meters higher than current sea levels, physically inspect it, then check the assumptions in Climate Change foundational scientific papers. The old school climate scientists seem like a bunch of Socratic scientists arguing over horse teeth if they failed to inspect this, and the many, many sites referred to in the Bible, archeology, marine archeology and so forth. DID DEEPMIND ANCIENT LITERATURE TEAM MISS THIS TOO? Hey Yosh, how long can you swim? Why don't you come over to the amii high ground?

    NASA spends huge amounts on massive inSAR satellite constellations instead of looking at physical evidence that's available cheaper?

    Nobel Prize committee is so stodgy and sclerotic they shun AI and now they have to ask AI to save them. Sigh.

  3. I grew up in Maine. Spent the first 20 years of my life there. If u have a home on the coast/shoreline, u’r either 1) a wealthy a-hole Republican Trump supporter, 2) just an a-hole, or 3) a rare find holism nice person. The chances of 3) is very slim. I spent several years serving 1) and 2). Most have flood insurance anyways. And they cry when structures built in the slave days go belly up. It’s a joke. Some of the most egotistical, selfish, bigoted people I’ve ever met and dealt with. I’ve been in the desert now for over 20 years, and the people r far better. Much better culture. More loving. More helpful. More everything.

  4. No matter how domineering Xi Jin Ping is! No matter how much power oppresses the silent people! He cannot stop the development of democracy in China!

  5. Thankfully, climate change (global warming and cooling) has been a long term, predictable cycle evidenced in ice core samples collected by scientists in the last century. It is not a result of cars and cow farts, it is the nature of our planet and follows a pattern.
    You know, science not opinions.

  6. We just have had big flooding here in Germany, such a thing didn't happen… So, to see a "house," or better call it, a wooden cabin, being washed away by water, reminds me of the story of the three pigs and the wolf…

  7. It's sad to see this historic place disrupted and destroyed. Global warming is real and is melting the ice at an alarming rate, causing the water tables to rise. Places near the sea will be impacted by this more often.

  8. You can't control climate change I don't care how hard you try. Climate change has got to be the wrath of God on a wicked generation, the cares about nothing but sex drugs and rock and roll lust of every different kind. The wrath of God has itself is beginning to show up all the time

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