Extreme Climate About THE Planet FROM 14 _15 APRIL 2021

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Excessive Temperature Around THE Planet FROM 14 _15 APRIL 2021

– Volcanic deposits are moved by the river basins or ravines of the foothills of La Soufriére achieving the coastline
– Flooding in the Miyakinsky district of Bashkortostan. 11-14abr
– Colombia – Detrimental Flash Floods Sweep As a result of Villavicencio, Meta Office, April 14
– Spain, Timelapse from the clouds in the Maigmó
– Saudi Arabia, significant rain, hail, April 15
– Morocco: Major rain floods, April 15

shorter notes about my channel weather situations
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this details isn’t going to explain video clips
I go over quite a few earth-transforming extremities ranging from Earthquakes,
Quake Swarms, Volcanic Action/Eruptions,Solar Flares, Asteroid/meteor fireball,
Solar Method, Landslides, Flooding, Sink Holes, Hurricanes, tornado,
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