Extreme And Interesting Weather On Other Planets In Our Solar System

The weather on Earth may occasionally be rather severe and downright bizarre, and recently, we have seen some strange meteorological events. But none of these occurrences will be as terrible as the weather catastrophes that occur on our planetary neighbors.

Given this, it is fortunate that humans haven’t developed space travel to the point where we could establish colonies on any of our surrounding planets. Do you believe our planet’s weather has the potential to become erratic and harmful? Following reading this essay, you might wish to change your mind.
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  1. Why don't the giant dust devils affect the small vehicles that NASA sends for photography and lift them into the cover, or were the vehicles sent elsewhere?

  2. My initial impression is that "Endless Universe" is a great channel. I subscribed fully.

    It is nice living on an alien planet. The weather is a bit wild. But, locals say that's the nature of this area called "New England."
    I miss my family & my beautiful alien Wife. Please tell them….. goodnight & nice to meet you🎉

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