Extreme 4K Video of Category 5 Hurricane Michael

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Video taken in the western eyewall of Cat 5 Hurricane Michael as it slammed Panama City Beach with extreme wind. We positioned ourselves safely in a parking garage and watched as the historic Category 5 storm unfolded around us.



Tornado Trackers is made up of storm chasers Jeff Mangum, Jeremy Hamann, and Gabe Cox.


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  3. Holy cow you guys!! this footage is so incredible and being a Floridian myself.. I live and was in Orlando the day Michael hit your area (Panama City to Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe..
    You realize how large Florida is when it's sunny in one area and hurricane in the other

  4. What part of living in Florida is really admirable when you’re experiencing these horrible/horrific conditions such as these massive storms that destroy homes & wipe out your lives! Yikes! 😳🫢 My eldest sister lives in Gainesville Florida. She prefers Florida vs. Canada due to the weather; she’s never liked the snowy weather & I can’t totally blame her for that; but with regards to those wicked hurricanes 🌀 that hit Florida with the force that they do, she can stay there I guess. But I really can’t stand thinking about her possibly ever being in trouble due to any of these deadly hurricanes!!! Ugh 😣 😩

  5. Doesn't seem that bad, me personally I would just hold the roof down with more nails and protection. No reason to let something like that happen to your home.

  6. Maybe just maybe start stacking some bricks and mortar together and make a roof from some heavier and stronger materials for this seems alot of damage that could be prevented if you build better houses instead of wooden shacks with plastic roof tops…
    Then again nature will wreck everything if it wants to but this seems to go both ways

  7. The first ever Category 5 hurricane to make landfall in the daytime. The 160 MPH sustained winds caught on camera was very clear. That was why the National Hurricane Center had no choice but to recognize this as a Category 5.




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