Extraordinary Weather conditions – Snow Storm in London 2010 – BBC Films

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January 2010 – Snow falls in Central London. Captured by Younger Directors Association (YDA) of BBC Movies. Shot on Crimson One in the snow!

Broadcast Date – 7th January 2010


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  1. No I checked your area and I am sorry to say you are not going to get 12 inches of snow BUT next week you "could" get snow as an easterly wind develops but to be honest next week it is more likely "If" we do get any snow it will be in the east or south-east of England and Scotland

  2. hahahahaha jeeeeeezusss! thats actually the least extreme snow ive ever seen! and no im not canadian, im from yorkshire where even we had 7-8 feet drifts surrounding our house last november. our roads where completely covered in compact snow and we still carried on as usual! i actually understand why americans and canadians laugh at us, its because of southerners not knowing what snow is! 😛

  3. @cscarnage lol like i said when we come to a stand still over that i bet USA and Russia Laugh at us for it 😀 ( you wouldnt love to live in England Trust me 😀 just visit on holiday then ul realise it is a shit hole 😀

  4. @DILightning

    heh guess thats the canadian in me.. i see that and think it looks like a nice day out. hah.. but i'd love to live in england

  5. An extreme event was five minutes outside our store in Highgate North london. It just came down like cotton wool and stayed to annoy us for days at -6 Deg




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