Extraordinary Temperature: Weird Winter&#39s url to International Warming

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Climate Scientist Dr. Amanda Staudt previews her latest report on the bizarre winter season climate we have been experiencing and describes how it is really reliable with what we count on from Worldwide Warming.

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  1. Extreme weather is a lie used for fearmongering


    Some of the story lines used to generate
    high temperature changes are simply ridiculous.

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  2. lol mildienater…all the scientists say its true? well check out some info about how pro gw(global warming) scientists have knowingly altered the data on gw, to hide facts/data that say there is no or very little global warming happening. in fact, the top gw scientists have found that thigs are getting cooler. but they chose to try to hide it. why? because they cant accept the fact they could be wrong.

  3. @Johnwissen yeah all the yournalists say global warming is a myth
    but all the scientists say it is true
    so it's your choise who to belief

  4. Actually, they did. In 1997.
    The controversy over the increase of natural disasters in the 4th IPCC assessment in 2007- supported by flawed evidence was in relation to the increased percentage of likelihood (rose from 50% to 66%, magically). Not the actual relation between natural disasters and AGW.

  5. Agreed. The trouble with Climate Cynics is they take "Global" out of Global Warming and think if it doesn't happen in their own backyard it's not happening. And of course aside from global temperatures increasing over the years there has been a very steep decline in US educational standards over the past forty years which explains why so many Americans just can't understand the science of Global Warming and parrot "1984' which they've probably never even read.

  6. wrong, the IPCC can and has linked extreme weather to global warming. In fact, in an IPCC report several years ago they predicted extreme winter storms like the ones we've been seeing in the U.S.

  7. Perfect example of double speak. Those poor pelicans….what would have happened to them thousands of years ago when it snowed earlier then usual? Thank God for college students that care.

  8. Other idiots in Southern WV look at plant and insect life over a period of 30 years because it's their lifetime and their frame of reference. Do you think we had the perfect climate at your birth?

  9. One thing I have to say about George Orwell, he was prophetic. This video is a perfect example of Orwellian doublespeak. Get this all you natural climate change deniers! The climate has historically followed changes in solar activity. Right now the Sun has entered a sever silent stage and following historical patterns we are in for a return of climate condition not seen since the little ice age within 10 years.

  10. Good to see this…all of the idiots who deny global warming,especially here in southern WV,think that just because we get some snow it means that global warming is fiction. I dont need anyone to tell me about global warming,I just look at the weather,plant and insect life now compared to what it was when I was growing up in the 70's



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