Extraordinary Temperature hits Hinckley

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Severe hail storm hits Hinckley. It lasted all-around 15 minutes and a quantity of automobile windscreens where by smashed else roofs dented. Employees at National Grid experienced never witnessed weather as extraordinary as this before.


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  1. Leave it a few more years and we shall be getting cat 4 'cyclones' in north western Europe and they'll be far more damaging that tropical ones due to the much colder air being denser and having more clout.

  2. Your comment makes no sense whatsoever, as many people were severely affected by this storm, which was ,by any description, an extreme weather event.

  3. All very easy to make armchair observations, but you obviously haven't had two vehicles dented in several places, three tiles smashed on your roof, four panes of glass smashed in your greenhouse….. I could go on, but that's a small proportion of my experience. I live near the town centre.

  4. You take the whole thing out of perspective, yes other countries have massive cyclones, but this is the UK with a certain climate, so when we get a hail storm of gold balls,damaging nearly every car that was out in it, we make a big deal of it. Using your flawed terminology, war is no big deal for the Brits because our military have known less then ten years without active service since WW2.

  5. Just off 'Clickers Way' (Shilton Bipass) on the Thurlaston Road, It looked as if a giant had walked across with a club, the hedges and branches off trees, had to drive through what looked like rough countryside as you couldn't see the road for greenery.



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