Extraordinary temperature hits China in a 7 days midsection-large flood waters compelled driver to swim to escape

:00 Qingdao: waist-large flood waters designed a male swim to escape
:45 Torrential rain hits Zhongyang, Shanxi, at least 6 men and women washed absent
1:21 Scorching warmth waves in Anhui province, pigs put up with from warmth stroke
2:15 Hail falls in Qinghai, injuring persons and livestock
2:55 Unexpected landslide occurs in Xinjiang, casualties unidentified

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  1. once again this does not bode well for the current ccp leadership, there are still many in china whom believe in the "mandate from heaven" and things like this will make even more question if the heavens are angry at the ccp leaders any soft power they had towards their own population is slowly slipping away. When (pick one of the many global catastrophes currently approaching) hits the likelihood of a total political colapse keeps increasing as more things erode such power.

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