Extraordinary Climate Whitetail Hunting Forecasts

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Main temperature drops and adjustments in hefty wind, rain or snow all have one detail in prevalent – they forecast elevated deer actions! It does not make a difference what time of the year or which month of the looking period, these weather conditions things can be utilized to accurately predict when deer -in particular experienced bucks- will be shifting in the course of the daylight.


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  1. You have me looking at weather patterns for deer differently. I use to view it like I viewed fish. Barometric pressure drop coming along with a storm. Get out and hit the fish before the storm hits and they'll be feeding. Well deer are not fish… lol. What you're talking about just clicked and makes sense. Now I'm looking at weather underground and seeing the forecast in a different light when it comes to deer feeding habits. Thanks brother! Do you have a link to your books? I'd like to read them but also give back for the information you're pumping out.

  2. I just had some of the best visual news I’ve had in a long time. I watch all your videos and try to implement everything I can. I’ve contacted you before but I only have a 6-10 acre parcel at my house but I also hunt at other places but my house is near and dear to me. Anyways, I just got pictures of the first buck I’ve seen around the area. It came in with 2 other does. I’ve gotten pictures of the does plenty of time but just got one of the buck. Appreciate all the videos and tips! Hopefully I can take one from my own land this fall!



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