Extraordinary climate slams US as storms and heat waves occur in from each coasts

Intense climate is impacting tens of millions in the United Sates. Flooding and tornadoes strike the east as Tropical Storm Claudette slammed quite a few states, destroying properties and knocking out electrical power.

In the meantime, a megadrought proceeds to hammer the western U.S., bringing in blistering heat conditions, with Las Vegas even shattering an 81-12 months-old temperature record at more than 45 levels Celsius. Jennifer Johnson stories.

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  2. Crazy how everyone in the comments is Soo chilled out like people our world as we knew it is gone and this is going to be the milder time the next 5 years or so is gonna be mild and yes I’m calling the heat and extreme weather rn mild. It’s only gonna get worse if action rapid action against climate change isn’t taken!


  4. Desalinate the Fresh Excess Water Through Electrolysis And For 2 Parts Hydrogen And 1 Part Oxygen And The Hydrogen Can Be Turned Into Hydrogen Ammonia And Used As Clean Fuel And The Oxygen And be Released in the Atmosphere to Thin The Air For Less And Plant Trees Where Ever The Rain Is Consistent And As It Progresses We Should Pull Through This Ok

  5. The US needs to stop talking about Trump or Biden. Needs to stop thinking covid is the only danger. Needs to understand, mother nature couldn't care less what colour or politics etc you support. She's coming for everyone. And The US needs to understand, she's coming for the rest of the planet as well. This is happening everywhere.

  6. US military need even more money to fight climate change. Expect more Us military spending increased. Ha, that is wht i tink US government will respond to climate change

  7. I guess with global warming coming around now, we won't ever get to travel or be free! I'm so happy we have the government here to keep us safe! I don't ever want to work again, or go outside, or see my family, or go to the gym, or travel, or buy food because I'm not vaccinated. Thanks for keeping us all safe!

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