Excessive Weather conditions Bushcraft Overnight In Elevated Survival Shelter

Hello! In this video clip you can stick to me on an bushcraft overnight camping in climate that can only be described as extraordinary. The day started off as a warm spring working day with temperature arround 15*C and in a issue of two hours I acquired powerful wind, rain, sleet and weighty snow. I designed an elevated survival shelter with my bushcraft mattress, put a tarp over my head and lit a fireplace to retain me heat. Tref was with me like he normally is and we even had a small celebration of his 3rd birthday.

Equipment Discuss:
Bushcaft gloves, bushcraft belt, big firesteel, fireplace bellows and some other misc gear is Kootamo by Mokkimies

Chest pack I use is Bastion Gear “Frosty” upper body pack that I designed. I have no affiliate promotions with Bastion Gear nor do I get any commission if you acquire 1. I created it to fill a gap in this market and to give my consider on it. We are also in a method of making a far better edition of my bed-tube but more on that right after tests.

Backpack I use is Wisport Racoon 45 product. I use it for a long time and really like it. Paid for it with my individual money ahead of I even experienced a YT channel.

Rest of my gear is a mix-match of random stuff I appreciated and acquired thru the a long time. If you have issues about anything, feel absolutely free to question in the reviews or via e mail.

Price reduction CODES:
Armytek 15%
code: Frosty15
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code: BLF20
SuperSparrow 15%
code: FrostysBushcraft
ElephantBox 15%
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PayPay hyperlink: PayPal.Me/frostysbushcraft
Foundation price of the patches is 5$, that is the value of production+ shipping and delivery with no earnings for me. If you want to insert additional truly feel free to do so, it will all go in to far better filming and enhancing equipment so I can make greater films for you 🙂 Please, produce your transport details in payment description and do you want the “FOX” or “Regular” patch or equally

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  1. Croatia is beautiful and it is not polluted I watch hours and hours of bushcrafters all over the world I just got a new phone I could not download all my subscriptions and all that onto this phone cuz I couldn't get the data out of it. I am 63 and retired I just cannot get out and camp I'm without transportation and I have been for some time so it is very frustrating. I'm with you in spirit until then be safe leave no Trace your friend Arizona Dave

  2. Thanks Frosty for a great video I appreciate all your efforts the filming and the work you put into it! I watch survivaland and smrika I've watched too many times I just haven't commented.

  3. You know when on bridges in winter streets get frozen way earlier than normal? Thats why i don't understand why you would build your shelter elevated like that. If anyone can explain i would be gratefull, thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Frosty, I I love all your videos and the way you and Tref have fun, you guy's make laugh and smile. Happy birthday to Tref what a wonderful dog he is. Oh yeah I always sing the song Frosty the snowman by the Jackson 5 when I watch your videos. Keep up the good work and the wonderful voices

  5. Just came across your chanel & very much enjoyed watching your video. Have subscribed. Love your dog. Giant Schnauzer? He was living his best doggie life with you enjoying the snow on your trip. Were you really warm enough and did Tres(?) Stay inside his sleeping bag?.

  6. Pozdrav.
    Mislim da si zaslužio one tople kobase u sendviču, po toj hladnoći.
    Uz ovako zabavan video nefali mi Tv.
    Zanima me dali se stvara kondenzat unutar izolacije u vreći za spavanje kad nije u šatoru već tako na otvorenom?

  7. Really enjoyed this video. Lovely scenery and chang of weather. I thought your camp setup was very interesting, have not seen that before either. The interactions and care you take with your dog js nice to see, respect for that. You do a lot of hard work, just want to say I appreciated it. Have subscribed! From sunny Queensland, Australia.