Excessive Cold Climate Bushcraft Shelter!

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Luke from Lukas. P Bushcraft requires you on a a person evening, cold weather conditions, winter season bushcraft camp. Together with his brother Zackery, they assemble a quick chilly climate shelter, the snow cave. The shelter them selves could extremely nicely be regarded far more of a survival shelter but a shelter is a shelter and in -20 diploma Celsius weather conditions you want to know how to maintain oneself alive either way! Thanks for watching, I definitely hope you subscribe for a lot more! Just take care!








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  1. Why do so many of the YouTubers under the age of fifteen play that crappy ass non-music? There is music in the rests. If you can't find real music then play the rests. I'll wonder of the video was good. I can't watch the first time let alone the repeats that I would enjoy if the vid is good. And, no, that wasn't music.

  2. Lukas, what type of camera do you use?  I want to make similar videos so I want a camera that can withstand the cold and rain.

  3. I just saw him use the blade of his knife to light his fire in the intro. I really hope that's not something that is still happening. You do not need so much layers of clothing. If you have 4 layers of pants you aren't letting it breath and it'll end up making you colder. A good base layer which is 1 layer and then a outer layer. That's all you need.

  4. Chopping down a green tree and you don't even have enough respect for nature to chop it off at ground level… Also, why would you ever strike a fire steel withe the sharp side of your blade? That's just stupid.



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