Excessive Climate Close to THE Entire world UP TO 16 MARCH 2021

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Extreme Temperature Close to THE Environment UP TO 16 MARCH 2021

– germany , Big landslide on the banking companies of Knappensee close to Hoyerswerda , march11
– colombia , Hailstorm in Los Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal , march13
– The hearth gets out of hand in Lakewood, United states , march15
– Flooding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , march16
– sandstorm and quite powerful winds strike Santa Lucia, Mexico.march16

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I address a lot of earth-changing extremities ranging from Earthquakes, Quake Swarms, Volcanic Exercise/Eruptions, Photo voltaic Flares, Asteroid/meteor fireball, Photo voltaic Process, Landslides, Flooding, Sink Holes, Hurricanes, twister, Storms, Tsunami’s, Snowfall/Ice, Heatwaves, temperature situations , earth change ,,flood,extreme weather conditions,character,international warming,climate change,flash flood,tornado,critical weather,tsunami,rain,earthquake,banjir ntt,normal disasters,weather conditions,storm chasing,disaster,information,disasters 2021,2021,reside flood 2020,flood pahat,extreme flood,severe floods,flooding,Flash Flood,storm,flood,flash floods,flash flood movie,flash flood weighty rain,nature,chill out,earth,mother,mother of mother nature,mother earth,Mother Mother nature Offended,Mom Nature Offended Caught On Digital camera,Climate,weather conditions report,forecast,weather conditions forecast,Mom Mother nature Got Offended,weather conditions update,rain storm,flood season,update,live,coverage,stream,path,overflow,intensity,wind,flood chasing,excessive weather,natural disasters,world warming,storm,flooding,chave weather,allah,catastrophe,rain,earthquake,waterfalls,doomsday,hujan,tornado,organic disaster,information,lava,wind,eruption,bible,apocalypse,viral video clip,entire world news,Batu Pahat,hurricane,caught on digicam,normal disasters 2021,landslide,landslides,snow,ndn,mother nature,local weather,science,clouds,tsunami,lightning,extreme weather conditions,


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  1. WOW! Psalm 97:5 the Hills Melted like Wax in the Presence of the LORD Amen All Glory & HolyPraises Belong to AlmightyFather GodYHVH theOnlyOneTrueGOD Let Elohim's WILL Continue to Be Done Always Alleluia Maranatha! Yeshua HaMashiach is LORD, is the SAVIOR & The True Son of Almighty FATHER GodYHVH Amen!

  2. They dont like you showing what their spraying, and haarp, and earthquake makers are doing. When God does this it'll be the entire cities and countries these monsters live in

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