Excessive Climate Acrylic Software Hacks

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Ey Up,

We filmed on the two most popular times in UK’s recorded background at 40C exterior, lord knows how incredibly hot it was in the studio. So I’m likely to demonstrate you how to sculpt a nail in this warmth.

We don’t have air conditioning so we’re relying on a admirer, closed curtains and all the tiktok “keep your home cool” hacks to retain the studio (and your salon) as cool as possible but which is not enough.

So, I’m making use of guidelines right now so the glue is likely to be thinner and the slender glue and the heat of the consumers hand is heading to make the glue established actually quick. If you perform in the chilly a whole lot, then get a thinner glue.

With your primer, if it gets much too chilly, it will crystallise, so if you do get that, then pick up a warmth pack or an electric mug warmer to pop your primer bottle on, or any item in the cold. Really don’t get a lighter to your solution while, a lot of nail merchandise are flammable, continue to be harmless.

When I get to the acrylic, I’ll do my bead as ordinary but it sets up tremendous rapid due to the fact of the warmth. If you perform fast more than enough then this is high-quality, if you really don’t do the job quickly enough, then DO NOT decide up wetter beads, this will make your nail weaker. As an alternative, get an ice pack, wrap it in kitchen roll, or table paper and pop your monomer dish on prime. Do not put the monomer in the fridge, the ice pack will interesting it down ample that the acrylic will established as typical.

Filing is also a good deal warmer in the warmth, so test in with your client that it’s not much too warm, and get you a neck fan, or a admirer in normal, to continue to keep you interesting.

I hope you relished this online video, really do not overlook to like, remark and all that shebang.

T’rah duck

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  1. When the acrylic gets hot from polymerization spray or pour some rubbing alcohol on the nails 🙂 it cools off quickly and helps get rid of that discomfort of burning nails

  2. Hi kirsty, I've been watching your videos since naio nails, you're such an inspiration to me.
    Well done for being brave and branching out on your own! 🥂🍾💕
    When I'm doing nails I often mention you and what an amazing artist you are 🥰
    I think we may be around the same age, although I only started doing nails professionally around 3 or so years ago.
    It's more of a hobby for me…
    Lots of love ❤ xxx

  3. Kirsty, hi Erin from Austin TX here.. so I'm no stranger to the extreme heat, I've done the cold night-showers to many times, BUT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY LOOK IN TO A MISTING FAN!! IT WILL CONTINOUSLY BLOW COOL MIST ON YOU FOR HOW EVER LONG YOU NEED!! THAT WAY, YOU DONT HAVE TO KEEP JUMPING IN THE SHOWER AFTER YOU DRY OFF!! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! XO♡♡

  4. I love Kirsty's set of nails,so vibrant,classy and jewel like. Loving her eye make up too,her eyes are very pretty. We go to an island in the canaries called La Palma and our hotel doesn't have a c in the rooms, but because our rooms are upstairs and they are trees all around it keeps it cool, it is a hotel built into an already existing botanical garden. I can manage quite well in 36°c but I had to concede defeat at 40° to 41° ,the hottest i've worked in is 38°c in a room with no open windows or doors!

  5. I make gel ice packs for injuries or picnics with 2C water 1C isopropyl alcohol (vodka works too!!) in a double zip lock and it works great to set monomer on. I use them for lots of things.

  6. Thank you so much for this! I live in Las Vegas and do my own nails in the garage because of the smell and it is so hard to do in the summer. Two days ago I did my nails at midnight lol!

  7. Aw Kirsty lovely, the way you are in this video (including cold shower, bed, towel, fans etc) that was totally me 24/7 for 3 months when I turned full blown menopausal! 🥵 the struggle is REAL !!
    All I can say is., ‘thank the good lord 🙏🏽 for HRT’’‼️ 🥰

  8. Here in Phoenix Az normal temps are supposed to be low: 98° F to high: 115°-118°F. Right now it’s low 76°F to high 98°F. That reverse global warming if you ask me however there been a lot of rain. Now monsoon season will cool things off but Ive lived here my whole life and in the last 40 years this cool of weather only happens once in a great while. I’m sure in the almanac the uk has had instances of heat waves just like Texas had snow and ice. The earth goes through cycles. Even when humans didn’t exist the earth heated up and cooled off. Yes global warming is real but it’s not entirely created by humans nor can it be stopped by throwing money at it.

  9. I feel for you. I live in the desert, have air conditioning and still do the cold shower and lay naked under the fan thing. We don't get cold water here in the summer though. I don't even bother turning on the hot tap because the "cold" is warm enough. Instead of waiting for the water to warm up, we wait for it to cool down.

  10. Kirsty, as an Aussie who grew up without AC, try wetting a towel with COLD water & lying on your bed with it over your body & the fan on. That will keep you cool for longer.

  11. I love you did your Aunt's nails ❤️
    I also did this and makeup for my grandmother when she passed, she always loved to take care of herself, and I wanted her to look her best when she was reunited with my grandfather 🥰

  12. Greek summers are very hot!!! ♨️🔥 (37-42c)
    So I put my nail polish, acrygel, gels, and my makeup, in the fridge, especially the building gel is so easy to use when is cold.

    If you don't have an ice pack, you can take a small Tupperware (or what container you have), fill it with ice and close it, then place your monomer on it!

  13. I remember when my son passed, his hair wasn’t cut like he liked it and my good friend went in and did his hair … it may seem silly but meant the world to me.

  14. Handy tip about hydration: try to drink sports drinks instead of just water. The water flushes out electrolytes. They need to be replaced or you'll end up with muscle cramps and spasms.
    I learned the hard way at 3 am and had to struggle to the refrigerator to drink pickle juice to stop the pain.