Examine One-way links Intense Temperature Situations to Local climate Transform

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Dr. Michael Mann states the way climate improve influences the jet stream is intensifying and raising the regional scale of droughts and flooding

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  1. blah blah blah. if you believe in "climate change" I've got some green credits to sell you.

    The climate changes everywhere everyday. that's the only climate change I believe in. does mankind have an effect on the earth? yes. do any of the "scientific" studies prove exactly how much change is due to man and how much is natural change that the earth has experienced over millions of years? Absolutely not. this whole "global warming" "climate change" bogeyman is a HUGE moneymaking scam. And at the same time it is being used to break the countries with a strong middle class who are in the way of the globalists. they can't have people with enough means or free time to stand against them.

  2. too many humans…too many farts…of course we are affecting the climate!!!
    But… don't be discouraged brothers and sisters around the world. The govs are ready to run to our rescue…the official chemtrailing of the globe, all day and night will save the heck out of us all!!

  3. more bullshit….it's not climate change….it's weather modification you dummies. the chem spray which is in front of your face and you are deniers of that. you are one giant mindfuck
    of propaganda…please get a new sponsor without this anti-human agenda

  4. I'm very instinctual about climate and I'm sure everything is fine. It's a beautiful day of a gorgeous season and the robins are singing. Potential predictive capacities of expanding differentials can't spoil my climate.



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