Dwell Twister OUTBREAK storm chase in Texas targeting east of DFW

Are living storm chase method with the danger of a tornado outbreak throughout central/eastern Texas into southeastern Oklahoma and Arkansas and Louisiana right away. Perilous working day ahead. Please share this stream to improve awareness for significant temperature!

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Never Stop Chasing.


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  1. Hi Reed, could you recommend a beginner level auto cam for streaming live to youtube that would still provide decent quality? I have a scenic and sometimes interesting drive to work and thought it would be fun to stream it as a hobby. Appreciate any insight or insight from any of the community. Love the videos! Stay safe

  2. Mother Earth and Father Sky is reminding everyone who is the truth, what is the truth! Nature is ALIVE! Nature is REAL.
    Quit idolizing false prophets, the rich, the wealthy, HONOR NATURE, RESPECT NATURE. Earth can live without HUMANS, BUT CAN HUMANS LIVE WITHOUT EARTH? If you're interested, go watch HOPI prophecies. Quite interesting.

  3. "Please do not follow 'Professional Storm Chasers'" – lol, seriously? I mean, obviously this message is for Floridians, just like "Don't eat the big white mints" over urinals, but the term "Professional Storm Chaser" seems a bit over the top innit? Unless I blinked and in the last 20 years storm chasers went from a hobby and blossomed into some paid career where you go to school and then get charged crazy interest on your schooling and loans like the rest of America….

  4. Prayes and RIP to the ones that had there houses destroyed and to the ones that couldn't survive it. It will stay with us forever and to the ones who made it successfull, nor to O body Be O took by it, it will stay and be known to our daily lives. We are O Saddened to be O who be O didn't nor make O It. ARMEN.🙏🙏🙏🪦😓😭😭😪😔💔💔💔

  5. I live out in Quinlan, tx. It got pretty hairy here for a little while. The sky got pretty dark and the wind was blowing pretty strongly. Saw the wall cloud in the distance, going towards Royce City. Glad nothing bad came of it here but feel for the ones who sustained damage to their properties.

  6. Hi Reed. I actually experienced this a little bit last night. We received a massive thunderstorm and that lasted until 5:30. Luckily no severe weather, but we are receiving yellow clouds. And I just looked outside, and no damage at all!! Just looked at the radar, no rain until next week!!!



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