‘Double Whammy’ of EXTREME WEATHER in both U.S. coasts | WION Climate Tracker

In the U.S, a winter storm has battered the country’s northeast causing massive snowfall, rainfall, and winds. While also disrupting flights and power supply as extreme weather gripped both American coasts. Rohit Wellington brings you this report.

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  1. Global warming my arse.
    Thats why they changed it to "climate change" because their "truth" was comming undone. Look at Tony Heller and you'll see for yourself.

  2. We've had an unusually mild winter in North West Pennsylvania . Except for that lake effect around christmas 2022 and past weekend, we've had mild temps and little snow . That lake effect around xmas was sort of a funnel over the middle of Lake Erie dropped 7 or more feet on Buffalo NY . When Buffalo gets hit hard we usually do too . but we only got a foot or two . I think it was that tight funnel from west to east over lake erie which dumped all the snow hard on Buffalo at the eastern end of Lake Erie , xmas 22' ,, but we hardly got any

  3. Climate Change Emergency:
    More Rainfall ?️ / Snow ☃️/ Lightning ⚡
    More drought / Heat Wave / wildfire
    Flood / Landslide / “Extreme” weather
    Wind –> Strong Wind
    Landslide (heavy rainfall)
    Ocean Acidification (CO2)
    Soil Desertification (drought)
    “Species Extinction” (extreme weather)
    Forest/Ocean Ecosystem-Tipping point
    Natural carbon sink: Forest/Soil/Ocean/River
    (Carbon Cycle)

    ✡️Nature (Balance) —> Climate (Balance)

    ✡️“Ecological Restoration”??
    “Ecological Protection”??

    ✡️Ecosystem (Balance)—> Climate (Balance)

    Protect Biological Diversity
    =Create Healthier Ecosystem ??

    Earth = Big Ecosystem

    ✡️ Reduce Pollution
    Environmental Justice/Protection ??

    Taiwan ????????????
    + Animals / Marine life ?♻️?

  4. I live on the the coast of Maine nothing unusual here just another winter storm but that doesn't sell news

  5. Jesus warned
    Pray that your flight will not be in winter or on the Sabbath
    For there will be greater anguish than at any time since the world began
    This is going to be trouble on a scale beyond what the world has ever seen or will ever see again
    If these days of trouble were left to run their course nobody would make it
    Revelations is at hand
    You are warned again of the signs you are missing
    Welcome to the end of an age
    End times
    Your Apocalypse
    God’s arm is stretched out against you Babylon
    Do you think you are slick enough to escape what’s to come

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