Crosswind landings aborted 3x Go all around extreme weather conditions

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Video and Pilot ATC Communications
The Aircraft took on much more fuel anyway from paris and delayed the flight by an hour to see if the weather improved just before setting off.
I just realised that they turned the autopilot off when the ATC requested if he can do an instant still left change, so is it protected to do such a gusty landing with the autopilot engaged? Or did the auto pilot re-engaged on initiating a go close to?

i come to feel sorry for them for the reason that it seemed to have got awful and the climate altered a couple moments during their landings from gusting winds aspect to facet and then getting pushed down on the final endeavor.
There was a further go all around in amongst theirs by an Etihad of which i will upload into my excessive weather collection, I have so lots of go arounds from this 1 working day.
Filmed on 21st October 2014 at manchester airport as hurricane gonzalo tumble out was passing with crosswinds gusting to 45 knots (60+ mph)
I stayed from 8am until 4pm with more clothing and a semi organization hold on the camera 🙂
F-HEPE af1068
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  1. Great video! To your question in the intro: the autopilot is a great tool but it isn't perfect (yet?). That's why almost every landing is manual exept when very precise conditions are met. In these condidions it id probable that the autopilot will disengage automatically on final approach of at least does not authorize auoland. To illustrate this: a 777, one of the most advanced and widely used aircraft in the world, ended 50 feet off the runway due to an autopilot errer in the autoland-phase. Greetz, G!

    (ps: when I talk about autoland I mean CAT III)

  2. Great catch!  Having the ATC made it even that much more awesome to watch.  Too bad they had to ultimately divert after going through all of that.

  3. I was watching this from the lounge at T3. Was hilarious. The third one I was almost ready to cheer and then he aborted at the last second haha

  4. Excellent video, thanks, i like the way you have the communications in there as well, it makes a huge difference. I couldnt help but wonder if any of the passenger seats might have needed an extra clean upon arrival at their new destination :).

  5. I would like to know why they did 3 attempts ? it is only allowed in one specific condition to proceed so. Otherwise, after the 2nd one, you have the obligation to divert to another airport.

  6. I was on this flight. They delayed an hour at Paris to see if the weather improved and to add additional fuel incase of go around, obviously needed. I have to say the video does not quite illustrate just how bumpy the flight was many sick passengers. The diversion to LGW was a pain as its not an air france destination it took an hour on stand before ground services arrived. Staff and pilots very apologetic.

  7. That wasn't the autothrottle disconnect, that was the autopilot. AT has a single chime. But no, the pilots would not have been conducting an automatic landing in those conditions – outside of the max crosswind limit for the autoland system. So either they hadn't disconnected the AP yet on approach (they may well have been planning to take out out at decision height, as hand flying in those conditions isn't so fun), or they could have put the AP on during the go-around. They likely disconnected it due to a gust that wiped some speed off and wanted to establish positive manual control. 



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