Crazy FLOODING = Extraordinary FISHING!

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In this video clip, I head to a area creek that is typically a trickle, but the rains have turned it into a raging creek!

The super rapid existing tends to make the fish extremely aggressive, and I catch (and miss) them on all sorts of lures!

The previous strike was the most insane, Suitable at my ft in INCHES of drinking water!

Thank you for viewing!


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  1. What's that creek look like normally that you're pulling fish of that size out of it? Or are they coming down the pipes from larger waters?

  2. I love watching your videos. After serious permanant back injury I can't get out like I used to and this is my version of therapy.

  3. would love to have them hit like that when i finally get out there. rain today, but cold at night, don;t know if flood waters have any fish or not since the dought last year cleaned everything out. I only have two weeks left on my license so I owe it to myself to go and try for the big ones while I can. you make it look so dang easy. if only.

  4. another awesome video, my creeks and rivers (for fishing culverts) have been bone dry here in Florida (no rain in past 2-3 weeks), all my top spots are dried up! Ive still managed to catch some bass and upload videos though! Keep it up Ty

  5. a green trash bag and ten minutes would do wonders for that spot ,, just a thought cause truthfully all i could focus on was all the rubbish along the bank and not the fishing ,, would like to think u picked it up before you dug out

  6. Do you all have bass season all year around there or only certain times of the year if a person was catching, cleaning and cooking.
    Here in Michigan, we have to wait till the end of May.

  7. Wieso die Amis Rechtshand baitcaster benutzen und zum werfen die Hände wechseln ???? Würde mich zu krass nerven!!! Warum nicht einfach eine Linkshand nehmen ?? REAL NICE DREAM FISH !!!

  8. Lol man big 3 probably 3 1/2 easy right on the biggest current break . See the more city you get into the more creeks you see that can hold a decent fishery . You like in north Houston or ?



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