Couple BUILDS A Do-it-yourself yard Shed in Serious weather ITALY // Start off TO Complete timelapse

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Very good early morning Wonderful Men and women!
In modern episode we are making a backyard shed at Blessed Land, but critical thunderstorms and hailstorms are producing every little thing hard…
Really like,
Sara & Luca

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  1. Thanks so much – i did the floors in my daughters flat and learned from that – this was great ! – sorry to hear of storms and floods – truly terrible Well done winning the European Cup – as i am in England it wasn't "Coming home" 🙂 Gracie – Complimenti

  2. Lots of hard work!
    I thought you had to get permits and approvals to take down or build any structures in Italy?
    Glad to see you are able to build whatever you want without any formal inspections.
    Your garden is doing awesome. Yummy vegetables. Do you grow Broccoli Rabe?
    Italian Americans STUFF OUR ARTICHOKES.
    Thanks and enjoy! ?

  3. nice work on the shed! it looks beautiful!! i know it's frustrating to have to re-do it, but it's ok the floor bowed because it's a gentle reminder that GOD is in charge, not us. i love your life and videos!

  4. VERY NICE !!! Next time you built a lil house / shed remember concrete / cement eats wood !! you should never put wood directly on cement ! always have tar paper , asphalt shingles or galvanized metal in- between ….

  5. I enjoy all your content every week. But it's always funny what little things jump out at you as amusing or interesting. When Luca tried the caprese, I put 2 and 2 together and realized Luca always says 'mmmmm' when his Sara makes him lunch or dinner. Smart man! Good food, good company.

  6. Two weeks ago I saw my first Vipera Aspis del Piemonte in my garden, like the one (or two) you filmed. I was watering the ortensia bush and my hand was in it to make space for me to pour water near the roots, and there it was! OMG! Huge! but It froze so well I thought it had died haha. I learned that this type of venomous viper freezes when it comes across a human. Good thing for me! My hand was very close to it's head. Anyway, I don't think I will ever like snakes, especially the poisonous ones. Your shed looks wonderful. You did a great job!

  7. Last time I replaced a light fitting ,this is the limit of electrical I would do ,I took photos on my phone to get it right . Weather is becoming more extreme floods fires cyclones worldwide I feel our planet is saying enough ! I was worried that I Havnt had any recents from you just 1 or 2 year old vlogs ? I live in Tasmania and it rains 237 days per year , so ok feel your pain , don’t beat yourselves up , see you have learnt and life is all about that , you are bright to have a go & you tube is great for references luv ya’s?❤️❤️❤️

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