Cost Of Coffee Rises Due To Extreme Weather In Brazil

Coffee prices are higher than ever and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics prices for the good are up 20% since July 2021. NBC News’ Guad Venegas reports on how extreme weather patterns are wreaking havoc on farmers in most major coffee-growing countries leading to a historic shortage.

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    Around 1615 coffee came to Western Europe

    Raising a huge controversy and warning cry.

    Some said it was intoxicating and poisonous

    And any whom consume it will die.

    No one knows how coffee was discovered

    Though it is said its effects were known before A.D. 575.

    Persian armies carried and ate its seeds for strength

    Which in battle could decide who would perish or survive.

    Arabs where the first to brew its bitter seeds into a drink

    In an attempt to make it taste better and easier to consume.

    Soon the new beverage spread to Turkey and Europe

    As the world became addicted to the harvest of its bloom.

    Thank God for caffeine found in coffee

    Which helps multitudes make it through the day.

    Like ancestors of the past it helps energy to last

    And for its stimulant we are eager to pay.

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

  2. Your morning coffee will cost you now under new prime minister truss what you pay now 2.80 truss new price £. 7.90 who will pay this truss you need locking up your cranky

  3. That's old news. We (brazilians) had an out off season cold wheather last year that killed a lot of crops and fires because of the dry weather (abnormal). In 2024 the production should be normal (if fertilizer is not so expensive -> Russia x Ucrain war is causing that).

  4. who doesn't have instant coffee?
    You buy a jar of Folger's Crystals, you put it in the cupboard, you forget about it. Then later on when you need it, it's there. It lasts forever. It's freeze-dried. Freeze-dried Crystals.

  5. well, if they are increasing prices in rent, food, coffee and gas but no increase in pay we will no longer be able to afford a lot of these luxuries. Such as coffee shops and even regular foods, and or rent…

  6. Another climate change model prediction coming true. We've known for some time that coffee crops would be very vulnerable to the climate crisis.

  7. IDC spend your money on starbucks. OMG coffee costs so much!! Shut up. Buy and brew it yourself instead of being a trendy sheep and getting it at a franchise.

  8. It's inexpensive to make coffee at home. If you pay $6 every morning for a coffee and a snack and switch to making it at home for cents on the dollar, you could save about $180 a month, plus whatever it costs in the gas to drive.

  9. I remember 1 lb cans of coffee as a kid, then it went to 14 Oz then 12 Oz then 11 Oz and now I'm seeing some 10.5 Oz all so we don't notice the price hikes.

  10. For the Biden Administration, I was paying $599 for coffee, now I'm paying $9.99. The prices are ridiculous at the grocery store! Call it climate change call it what you want, but they're spending money where they shouldn't and it's time to help the people! It's Miss spending of money, we're not talking about the money spent on climate change that should have happened 40 years ago we knew about it then! And now the mad rush is here! But it's not it's about the war it's about everything that's going on outside of climate change and spending money so frivolously! It's our money not Biden's! But, I believe that God is in control! And I don't think he's very pleased with what he sees going on he's a good God and he loves the poor and cares for them! Which is more than I can say for the Democratic party who pretends to care for the poor!

  11. It’s the usual CNBC topic cycling of “OMG coffee is gonna be $10.” Other topics include:
    we are running out of water,
    we are running out of sand.

    Waiting for those to hit the video cycle.



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