Constant LIGHTNING – Unreal Electric Storm

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Outstanding lightning exercise! This storm experienced so a great deal lightning, it appeared constantly lit. For licensing get in touch with

At first this storm seemed like the standard storm intricate that develops in Nebraska in June. Shooting time-lapse images on the north facet of the storm gave me clear watch of the multi celled updrafts. With each passing moment, a lot more and extra lightning activity turned visible. It quickly grow to be apparent Mother Mother nature was cooking up a little something unusual.

Throughout the online video you are going to see very little environmentally friendly lights glowing. These are fireflies and they had been also unusually abundant this calendar year.

New music: Untitled guitar by Hank Schyma
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  1. I used to live in York NE and I was tripping on LSD the day this storm happened. I drove right through it too because my friend wanted me to give her a ride to her place. It was insane

  2. The only thing I love about united states is the insane thunderstorms it produces. No chance of something this beautiful in the coastal shithole I live.

  3. I experienced this kind of storm in a hotel near the beach once and it was horrifying. Its safe to say that there were 20 lighting strikes per second and the noise was very loud. Surprisingly the people that lived there said it was normal but it only happened a couple of times every winter and the only special thing about this one was that it happened in summer.

  4. Pretty cool, Pecos hank,are me to your channel as one of your members, I want to know more about what storm chasing is like! Like the 1974 super outbreak.



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