Condition of Homelessness Once-a-year Rely | San Diego shelters respond to inclement climate warn

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About 100 volunteers, including elected and community officers, organization homeowners, and local community leaders collected at Civic Plaza to assist with the downtown depend.

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  1. 1-IF you are a mental ill/ drug addict, YOU NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THE STREET IMMEDIATELY! YOU GO TO A REHAB CENTER! NO OPTION! we can't have mental people chasing people with knives and yell and scream at everyone all day long and treating others safety!

    2- IF you claim you have a financial hardship, yet when they OFFER YOU HELP and shelter and food and you refuse because YOU REFUSE TO BE CLEAN, YOU NEED TO BE REMOVED and cited, and jailed, because you are a scammer and you chose to be homeless

    BEING ON THE STREET IS NOT AN OPTION! piss and shit and spread diseases breakouts and attack and disturb and block sidewalks and start fires and steal and shoot heroin and do all that .. and whoever woke/ democrat idea it is to leave you on the street, I suggest he/ she house them in their personal home! because the rest of us are quit sick of this ISSUE, also, if you live somewhere nice you dont get to talk .. we are the one who's dealing with this every single day!

  2. Just like food stamps, there should be the same for weed and hotels/appts. Have so much/full $ monthly for hotels/appts/camping areas/etc) that take that payment. Have the places monitored and if abused then off with their heads! Lol. Its bizarro that the world blows enough money out their buns anyways and waste enough resources anyways….why not?! And then with living covered that way till you hit millionere stat (if its even a thing at that point) it will give peeps motivation at once/over time of seeing the effect to ACTUALLY move forward in life. The old pay for every wiff of air is old……neeeexxt! And not this bunk set up of a voucher for a couple nights a week and that are ALWAYS full…get real, oscar the dayum grouch has more of a consistent place to live! Open up hotels etc with the covid demo program that was just tested and make rent stamps or something relly. And make it actually OBTAINABLE! NOT you have to have/be reverse prajeria, vet from 300, exact eyes of E Taylor, traveled to Pluto, uncle thats a mermaid, cat that likes space icream for breakfast, 7 kids named after the dwarfs ANNND slayed a unicorn for its horn to prove it all….just to get qualified!

  3. make a homeless camp, force them in there simple. anyone able bodied get on a drug detox program and a job serach program, anyone to old, place in specially built homeless senior living. issue solved

  4. Homeless pro tip: we DO NOT sleep at night. Which is why you see us napping during the safety of daylight, however, you assume we're drunk, drugged or lazy. Aside from the obscene number of unsheltered humans, the cynicism about us is also an epidemic.

  5. We all need to do our part to fix our city. Volunteer in some way to help now so that this problem doesn’t become a larger issue that will be too overwhelming to solve later.

  6. Government is not entirely at fault when it comes to homelessness. There are many factors and circumstances such as inflation, discrimination, out-of-control greed, and shortage of housing. Those who are supposed to represent both homes and the government also can be lazy or discriminatory against the homeless. Take the Housing Commission of San Diego for example, if your caseworker doesn't like you, she can make your life miserable and nobody to turn to complain because they are one.

  7. Yes, Now someone needs to come count homeless in San Diego County please! This is an awesome thing to do! But can you all please not ignore the SD County. ✌

  8. San Diego government officials, and, the powers that be need to get a handle on; and truly begin to solve this horrific "humanitarian crisis" (as so honestly stated by Councilman Whitburn) now! Thank you to CBS 8 for this story, and, more importantly for shining a light on all of this human suffering; and, much gratitude to the volunteers who took to the streets on a very cold early morning to speak with our unsheltered San Diego citizens! 🕊️ 🏡 🌈

    P.S. Viable solutions and real work is being done in other states across the country; please check-out a documentary filmed in Springfield, Missouri titled: "Eden for the Homeless" here on YouTube (by RT Documentary) wish I could simply add the link below. It's a very positive eye opener about real solutions vs. merely endless talk and hand wringing. Please check it out, if your time and interest allow. My hope is that Mayor Todd Gloria & Councilman Whitburn, among others in power here in San Diego might view this documentary, as well. 🏠 🏡 🏠🏡 🏠🌈



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