Conclude OF CHINA: Severe Weather Hits China | Tornadoes, sandstorm, Floods Rattles China

Conclude OF CHINA: Intense Weather conditions Hits China | Tornadoes, sandstorm, Floods Rattles China

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  1. China
    Repent. Believe there is God who is the Almighty.
    You cant play God among your people and mankind.
    Pray for Gods mercy and pardon in JESUS name. Pray the Holy Rosary seek the Blessed Mother Mary to intercede for you to our Lord God and saviour Jesus.
    Give your billions of people the right to live excercise their faith in God. Before God truely send His judgement and punishment to your Goverment and country

  2. All of this are a sign that we are living now in the last days of our life,soon end will comes.Jesus Christ will rescue those who believes in his Father and to him,May God Father Almighty bless us

  3. god will wrecked china, unless china will accept jesus christ as lord and saviour…remember china arrested some christians in hidden group prayers, they are arrested, tortured, jailed and killed…this godless country will not survived…..

  4. To the leader of China this is what God can do to you God can destroy you in a second you bunch of atheist and evildoers against good people God is going to make you pay hard+++++++

  5. Алла жазаларын берсин кырлып калын…бизге женил болар..Казактын жерине кызыгып коз алартып журсиндер арам кытай? аяктарын жетпи калсын казак жерине..Алла бизди осы арамзалардан корга жане алыстат

  6. As Romanian, I have seen that in Ceausescu time. He drained all the huge lakes (Greaca, Potelu, Suhaia) on the lower course of the Danube and built huge dams along. One decade or two, the soil was perfect for agriculture. After that… desertification. The Danube begun to depose large banks of sand inside the riverbed, making dragging so difficult. Conclusion: don't mess with Nature. It's useless and dangerous.

  7. End of China… Go on with that anti-China mess.

    All nations supporting this anti-God, anti-Christ beast system will see the same kinds of God's fury very reminiscent of what humans suffered during Noah's day.

    All who have eyes and hearts that see beyond the propagandized nonsense, know how to get prepared.

  8. Ang Chinese Citizens ang kawawa. At ang mga innocente. Sa totoo lang ayaw ng mga CITIZENS na CCP COMMUNIST. CHINA, AY HINOHUSGAHAN NA. XI JINPING, BEHAVE AND RESPECT THE RIGHT OF OTHER NATION.

  9. Gods wrath for placing Uyghurs in concentration camps, taking the kids away from their families, using Uyghurs as slaves in Cotton farms and ethnic cleansing

  10. !!! ALLERT !!! Be sure if you have Holy Spirit dwelling in you with evidence of Speaking In tongues!!
    Holy Spirit in you is SEAL that you bellong to God, whoever doesnt have that mark in them when JESUS comes second time in these end times cannot be saved or raptured, but left behind!!
    John 3:5-8, John 4:24,
    2 korintians 1:22

    HOW TO RECEIVE HOLY SPIRIT ? Acts 2:38 (So clear)

    1.) !! REPENT !! That means get convicted that you are in sin and in rebellion towards GOD, confess all sins to GOD, ask forgivnes with honest Heart in tears and DO NOT SIN ANYMORE!! Parallely Realize what JESUS did for you and all humanity giving his perfect Life in perfect love for all of you to set you FREE FROM SIN which leads to hell!!
    ( John the baptist preached REPENT for the kingdom of God is near (Mathew 3:2) , and first word from JESUS mouth when He started to preach was REPENT for the kingdom od God is near (Mathew 4:17) ).

    2.) BAPTISE IN THE NAME OF JESUS FOR REMISSION OF YOUR SINS That means that somebody with Holy Spirit baptise you in the name of JESUS, like everybody in bible are baptised in the name of JESUS, cause name JESUS set us free and wash away our sins!! )
    Acts 2:38, Acts 10:48, Acts 19:5, Acts 22:16, Romans 6:3 and whole chapter 6 in Romans is POWERFULL.

    3.) RECEIVE HOLY SPIRIT AND START TO SPEAK IN TONGUES ( That means that somebody pray for you to get Holy spirit and start to speak in tongues, and if you are sincere honest heart in your decision to follow JESUS, He will for sure send you his Spirit, cause it is promise of GOD for everbody! Acts 2:4, Acts 8:17, Acts 10:45-46, Acts 19:6 )

    4.) CONTINUE LIVING HOLY WITH HOLY SPIRIT, OBEYING HIM ! ( Connect and be led by the Holy spirit, start to grow in faith, preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, baptise other in water and with Holy spirit, disciple them to do the same! ( Example about living holy with Holy spirit: Romans 8, first Peter 1:16, first John 3:1-10, Second Thesselonians 2:13, Gallatians 5:22.
    Example What should we do?? Like Jesus send apostoles and other disciples, now JESUS send us for this last days! Luke 9:1-6, Luke 10:1-20, )

    After All: If someone wants to grow more spiritually, wants quidance about Healings, Casting out demons, baptism with water and Holy spirit or have any questions, put your comments here with your mail and i will contact you!!!!

  11. Mabuti sa kanila, inaabuso nila ang kalikasan! At gusto pang maghari sa Mundo . Karma ang nangyayari sa kanila , sirain ang napundar nila ! Wala na silang respito sa Panginoon! Kaya sila ang kinastigo

  12. Chinese Government should focus on thier countries that affected by heavy Storms instead keeps occupying the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea


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