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Welcome to Baudette, Minnesota. Household of Willie the Walleye and North America’s most significant cold temperature screening facility, wherever hundreds of Rivian programs are now becoming validated in sub-zero temperatures. Verify out our newest weblog put up for much more:


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About: Rivian is on a mission to hold the world adventurous without end. We believe there is a more liable way to investigate the planet and are established to make the changeover to sustainable transportation an enjoyable one. We developed our emissions-cost-free Electric Journey Automobiles to obstacle what is doable. We hope they encourage you to do the exact same.


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  1. When is this thing actually going to be on the road? You guys have been dickin around with this project longer than the Mustang Mach E and I just saw one on the road today.

  2. yet to see a 'real' prototype … all we ever see from this company are slickly edited marketing videos …

  3. How do the Rivian's perform in deep snow and deep sand? Most 4X4 trucks have a 4H and 4L specifically for these conditions. AWD vehicles I have yet to see survive deep snow or deep loose sand. I am considering the R1S but I'm concerned it will operate like an AWD vehicle vs a 4X4. Has Rivian tested deep snow and deep loose sand? Our 4-Runner cannot travel well through deep sand unless we engage 4L. This was discovered after driving on the beaches of Oregon and getting stuck in 4H.

  4. I'm pretty sure that's my homie in the beginning in the truck saying it's too cold. He's a dude from LA… He was literally dying from the cold haha

  5. I love how this truck is being marketed as an adventuring/off-roading vehicle but the employees seem like they have never been outside of an office. I especially got a good laugh from shot of the Indian dude wearing a trapper hat in like -10 or -20.

  6. Wow I’m truly blown away on how far we’ve gone with technology I have just applied for the Buyer position and I am more then eager to hear back from Rivian. My whole life I grew up around vehicles cars trucks motorcycles etc. I am sitting here eagerly waiting on a phone call lol . My my mind is blown away on the truck the product and the technology that Rivian has made. I want to be apart of this team .

  7. Peace… Shalom… Salam… Namaste and Thank You for All that you are doing to Heal our Mother Earth 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ☮️❤️

  8. Being in the Military in Alaska, this would be a dope EV to rock in the mountains. Maybe one day I'll get paid enough to buy something like this. Almost started looking at the Bronco, but if something like this ever came out, I'd rather save for it.

  9. My electric ice auger for fishing will not work in -20f, do these have heaters on the cells? If so what battery heats the cells

  10. Well if Rivian never makes their cars madd production they have one heck of a marketing department. These videos are great!



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