Code Red for Humanity: Intense weather conditions and climate modify

Code Red for Humanity: Intense weather conditions and climate modify 7

Are extraordinary weather conditions occasions the new normal. Gurus weigh in on “Code Red for Humanity.”

Epic droughts, wildfires and ever-strengthening hurricanes. As temperature occasions grow to be much more serious, some gurus are regarding them as “a new typical.”

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  1. speaking of code red they should get rid of ALL red lights where the side streets meet the blvd. drivers have to start and stop their 4000 vehicle every block dumping 10 times more emissions in the atmosphere contributing to global warming. they should have stop signs at the end of the side streets and push button yellow flashing cross walk lights as needed only.

  2. Y’all have no control over this earth it belongs to the Lord the most high God and what we are facing is judgement because we refuse to follow God teaching and his commandments we have forgotten about god but he hasn’t forgotten about us and now we meet the full force of his wrath u can’t stop shit the most high god will slap them words back in your mouth stop lying to ppl we will pay for our blasphemy that we have done to the most high god serving yourselves and satan has dug a big as hole and now y’all gone wish u was in it ask the lord god for forgiveness repent of your sins receive Jesus Christ or face his wrath

  3. Your worried about the wrong thing y’all need to be worried about meeting Jesus not checking for home insurance yall just don’t get do it this earth is coming to an end you too we all are facing the book of revelations right now get your life right with Jesus because trust me when u meet him the last thing u going to worried about is where u live and home insurance lol

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  5. Climate change action will not save the earth. If Heaven's Warnings Go Unheeded—…. cities full of transgression, and sinful in the extreme, will be destroyed by earthquakes, by fire, by flood. All the world will be warned that there is a God who will display His authority as God. His unseen agencies will cause destruction, devastation, and death. All the accumulated riches will be as nothingness…. Evangelism, p. 27.2

  6. I wonder if they will just keep saying the end is coming forever. We only have 3 years in 2008, they have claimed we are out of time for the last 20 years. I really think the 1% think we are so stupid we will believe anything the media says. That said the sad part is a lot of people do believe everything the news says especially people who watch MSNBC CNN and Fox News and think it's actually news when it's actually entertainment they went to court and said they're nothing but entertainment they are not news. That's how they get away with making false statements daily.

  7. Republican politicians "conserve" nothing but their seats in government and cherry pick their scientific facts like their constituents do their scriptures: it is done to support a narrative that furthers the self-entitled cultish agenda of only the ruling elite and not the well being people they pretend to serve.

  8. Seriously, let's get one thing straight, its climatic perturbations causing the shifts in climatic anomalies or deviations from the normal seasonal conditions we are accustomed to, and the actor is nature.
    How so?
    Nibiru means crossing and a planetary body comes to Earth's solar orbit every 3,600 years. HERCOLUBUS and entourage is now in its ecliptical orbit and is near Earth which is now set at 23 degree tilt due to the precession of the equinoxes which occurs every 26,000 years. Its is alleged to cause the polar shifts. The perturbations or shake up is expected to last 20 years and when Hercolubus and entourage of celestial body completes the eclipt and travels back into deep space.
    During the solar cyclical cosmic crossover (or con-junction), of the planetary body, there will be PERTURBATIONS with varied degree of disorders followed by a lack of order or lack of predictability where entropy reign supreme.
    Waves of charged plasmatic energy system and the flow of energy may disrupt the core flows of the Earth and trigger catastrophic changes in Earth's climate. The natural forces inducing the anomalies are extreme shifts in climate or weather affecting all the elements such as temperatures, precipitations, water levels, wind, tectonic ground conditions and soil stability, underground as well as surface volcanic activities, polar shifts affecting Ice and Glacial activities etc, but the most challenging problem comes from epidemics caused by viruses unleash from melting Ice or glaciers and from tectonic shitfs.
    Climate change is just a term to describe the degradation of the environment as the result from consumption of materials. Its really good to tidy up and give consideration to the living habits in consuming materials to pursue economic wealth but the mitigation to achieve carbon neutrality can result in improved living conditions. The option is to develop dispersed township located properly in most suitable terrain to avoid low lying densely populated regions.
    Can anyone stop this natural progression?

  9. Climate change gotten worst once all them rockets been going into out space. The rockets burn everytime it goes up in fuel: 4, 576, 000 and exhaust: 200 to 300 tons of Carbon Dioxide everytime space shuttle goes up. now Americs goes into space alot, china goes into space alot Russia goes into space alot israel starting to goes into space alot and you wondering why people is destroying the planet just to go into space and destroy space next. We are own worst enemy

  10. Yes and great god is angry of mankind sins,sinful politicians’ decisions.we should comeback to goodness and positive living .and then the nature will also become peaceful.thank you

  11. In the past 2 years we've sent over a thousand rockets into space (= Send it).
    In the past year our planets weather as gone nuts.
    In the past year volcanoes all over the planet are becoming active.
    Earthquakes are happening more frequent.
    The Gulf Stream is slowing down.
    The moon is showing strange visuals on the surface (like dust storms).
    …and more.
    Only 1 thing (Gravitational Pull) can effect all of these at once Wormwood from the book of Revelation in the Bible. Its an Asteroid.

    Armageddon is 4 action events.
    Bow= Send it.
    Sword= Strike it.
    Scales= Split it.
    Fire= Sear it.

    That all ='s Our planet Sending Rockets to Strike Wormwood. It Splits and a split piece Sears our Planet.
    Wake up world!!!!!!!!!!!
    Armageddon as Started!!!!!!!!

  12. Even if tmyou totally stopped releasing carbon into the atmosphere YOU CANT STOP OR ANYTHING . Fires are normal for a heakrhy forest the problem is THE TREES PRODUCE 02 and the soil traps carbon if its got a healthy root sysyem. Without water to REGROW THE LOST VEGGITATION you cant reverse anything YOU CAN REVERS ALL OF THIS BY STOPPING THE CHEMTRAILS AND REPLANTING AS FAST AS POSSIBKE TO SAVE THE SOIL AND IN 3 TO 10 YRS REVERSAL US POSSIBLE but you should also go bacj to organic small diverse natutal farming not the factory farms mass agricultreal projects that are the rest of the cause of global warming. Electric cars replant and watercto restore natural hapbitats and stop using gasoline and swith to rebewable energy. Stop using plastic and make shit to last again. We can do it NO OTHER WAY. WE WILL NOT SURVIVE 5. MORE YEARS OF THIS. ITS NOT POSSIBLE

  13. How come they never talk about Google using billions of gallons of water that they also take from residence. And they have screwed up the Native Americans in the west taking the water

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