Coast-to-Coast Storm: Severe Weather Outbreak Eyes South, Blizzard Could Bury Plains, Midwest

A coast-to-coast storm looms from this weekend into next week, and the impacts could be significant along its journey across the country. That includes the potential for a dangerous severe weather outbreak in the South and a significant winter storm in the northern Plains and Upper Midwest that could bring heavy snow and blizzard conditions. #severeweather #blizzard #weather #foxweather

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  2. where are you all from say the state…stay safe guys!!
    I'm from Northern California and the rain is really really strong and scarry.. the animals are walking in twos searching for the ark!!!

  3. Damn I was right Texas New Orleans that are over between white in the middle right there is going to be like a blizzard of where brainstorm or cold wind it's still any better time everyone because sometimes that I read the people that we destroyed on Earth and today right now that there's nothing going back right now and the consequences is going to be happening from in 2022 and there's nothing that we cannot do not that about it this is a new history

  4. Gg four days of precipitation in Nebraska and god has given us the ultimate Xmas gift for letting us have mercy with Mother Nature a different god,all hail the end of the Midwest drought and possibly a super white Xmas for some areas


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