Close Instances Signs Information – Prophecy update (June 2020 )

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SURVIVAL Guideline:

Stop Situations Symptoms prophecy watchers watchman news report for May perhaps, 2020. Whats taking place around the planet ? heaps of odd occasions, a a single environment religion, one particular entire world federal government ? and excessive weather conditions among the other close time prophecy news.

Signs & Wonders prophecy watchers formerly identified as Conclude Times Reporter.
We are residing in perilous instances. conclusion of times ? biblical functions are taking spot around the world.
On this channel We focus on bible, church, rapture, mark of the beast, bizarre appears and animal behaviors end situations, finish times signals, close moments news, conclusion times functions, bible prophecy, prophecy in the information, twister,Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Document Breaking Climate, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons, Tornadoes, floods, , Peculiar weather, weird events, odd temperature phenomenon and stop instances symptoms hottest gatherings in our prophecy 2020 update.
2020 prophecy is going on more with odd climate and peculiar functions We dwell in perilous instances and are working with floods, storms, hail, hearth, wildfires, earthquake just after earthquake, volcano eruptions and additional. There is constantly prophecy in the news. We are in perilous moments.
the International enhance of global warning and climate improve.action is a indicator that this yr we
will see a boost in the Delivery Pangs around the world Prophetic conclusion time gatherings..

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  1. If you are wondering what is happening in this world, with the coronavirus
    and disasters and disease and famines, floods fires, dying animals etc.
    There is a answer and it is written in THE HOLY BIBLE for anyone to read
    for this one book holds the answers to all questions so if you don't know
    the Heavenly Father the 1 True GOD & His Son Jesus Christ take time to
    get to know GOD. For GOD so
    loved the world, That He gave His only
    begotten Son, That whosoever BELIEVETH in Him, shall not perish, but
    have everlasting life. John 3:16 Both GOD and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ
    love you, You only need to turn to GOD and seek His Son to be given the gift
    of life through Him this is the PROMISE of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    This is your chance to get to know the 1 true GOD
    and seek His beloved Son Jesus Christ for your
    Salvation while you have time for this is just the
    start of what is to come upon this earth So turn
    to Jesus Christ today (Acknowledge your sins,
    believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ on
    the cross and (Believe that He died for you,was
    buried then Rose to life on the 3RD day and that
    He is seated at the right hand side of GOD the FATHER
    & that you are in need of a Saviour, (Confess your sins
    to Jesus Christ asking for forgiveness and except
    Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour and you will be
    saved then be Baptised in the name of the Father &
    of the Son & of the Holy Spirit.For the remission of sin
    then take up your cross and follow Him for the rest
    of your life on earth and you will have everlasting life.
    GOD's Blessings be upon all who read this always

  2. We don't call them locust. Locust are different. They are the common green grasshopper.
    Sorry, no sympathy for Africa. If you really look into them you'll find most are cannibals but hide it. Those grasshoppers are their food. They eat rats etc anything they can catch, even lions.
    This happens in Australia every so many years in the outback yet no one mentions it. The worse part is the stink of dead ones in shops crushing under your feet. It takes a long time for shops to clean up. We get through it. They'll be right.
    You're family must be very cold down yonder from me.
    15'C during the day, no thanks.
    God bless you mate 🙏🙌😇❤

  3. The corona virus is not real!! This is part of their Plandemic Satanic Agenda!! Depopulation through vaccines, famine, sterilization, hunger, 5G, HAARP, Civil War and WWIII!! People protesting around the world are being killed under the cover of Covid19!! Donald Trump, Politicians, Actors, Hollywood and Mainstream Media are pushing their agenda for One World Government, Religion and Currency!!

  4. Locust swarms are devastating, many will starve
    Seismic activity increasing
    Solar activity is causing a major impact on the earth 🌏

    Signs on earth and in the heavens, bible prophesies materializing
    'As in the days of Noah" Excellent compilation
    Thank you Signs & Wonders 💜 💛 💚 💙

  5. Oh wow they literally put the watermark over everything that is ridiculous. No problem it isn't your fault that happened so I hope no one gets mad at you for that because I really like to see all the different news stories you find.

  6. We are definitely living in the days of Noah and the seasons and sings of our heaven father and his son jesus christ .we haven't seen anything yet it's going to get more frequent and worse day by day.jesus said all those things must happen but the end is not near. Our heaven father and his son jesus christ is warning us to come back to them and repent from our sins before its to late. We are definitely in judgment days just like it's written and The Holy Bible. Donald Trump is trying to call for martial law and that would lead to FEMA camp and the make of the beast system. Jesus christ is coming back like a thief in the night to judge 😈 and his evil wicked 🌍 leaders they're has a short time. They is power in the of our lord and saviour jesus christ. My brothers and sisters let's get ready and stay ready for our heaven father and his son jesus christ. My brothers and sisters don't take the make of the beast or worship the 😈 and his evil wicked 🌍 leaders system . Don't take bill gates vaccine its something to kill you. Jesus christ warning us about those who worship the 😈 and his image or taking his mark.

  7. Don’t know if you’re trolling or being serious when you say “the hospitals are overrun.” That is factually inaccurate if you’re being serious.



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