Climate & Intense Temperature News #9 (November 9th-24th 2016)

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Local weather & Serious Climate News #9 (November 9th-24th 2016)


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  1. Beware Trump and the apologists for coal and oil when they try to give the impression that scientists are divided about this. That same tactic was used to gin-up doubt about the truth of Evolution and the dangers of smoking. FOX news is especially guilty of this "some scientists say this, some say that" obfuscation. Liars!

  2. Excellent video, thanks! A suggestion: make a shorter version, keep it under the "magic" 10-minute mark to bring in new subscribers. Most people won't bother trying to watch a 20-minute or longer video especially if they are just "surfing" youtube!

  3. there seems to be a claim/theme of "arson" instead of climate change drought. …
    also, (perhaps the day after this videos end date )10+ people dead in Costa Rica from their first ever (recorded) hurricane. ..

  4. Humans have traded about 160 years of progress led by the burning of fossil fuels, and it looks like in less than 200 years ( being very generous) the are going to manage to destroy the entire natural world with it. The exponential function is catching up with the planet and nature always wins. Humans have messed with it, and now pay back is coming.



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