Climate Crisis: extreme weather ‘new normal’ say experts

2022 has been the UK’s warmest year on record, according to the Met Office.


The year has seen record high temperatures around the world and also record lows like the extreme blizzard which has now claimed scores of lives across the United States and Canada.

And this extreme weather will become the norm, according to the National Trust.

It’s already damaging nature, from drought to wildfires, and it’s a stark reminder of the devastating impact of climate change on the world’s wildlife.
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  2. This is cherry-picking weather events. That's not climate. This is climate: Globally the ACE index (accumulated cyclone energy) 1980-2021 shows no increasing trend. Global Hurricane Landfalls 1970-2021 (updated from Weinkle et al, 2012) shows no trend. Satellite data since 1980 shows a slight downward global trend for total hurricaine numbers with 2021 being a record low year. The IPCC reports in AR6, chapter 11, "The total global frequency of TC [tropical cyclone] formation will decrease or remain unchanged with increasing global warming (medium confidence)." Multidecadal variability in Atlantic hurricaines is most probably related to the AMO (Vecchi et al, 2021). NOAA data 1851-2021 shows no trend in number of hurricaine landfalls with the record high being 1886. What the data from NOAA SPC shows about tornados: EF1-EF5 (1954-2022) no trend; EF3-EF5 (most destructive) (1954-2022) 50% decline. No EF5s in US since 2013 (a record absence).

    The Global Land Precipitation Anomaly from AR5 will disappoint with deviations from the average increasing by 0.2% per decade, but if you look at the actual data, it's just very variable over the decades.

    Drought appears to be decreasing (Watts et al, 2018) measured by SPI 1901-2017.

    Deaths from natural disasters are about 0.6% of what they were a century ago.

    What else? Oh, deserts like the Sahara have shrunk considerably and the Earth has greened by 15% or more in a human lifetime (NASA).

    On extinction the rate is very low: 900 known lost species for 2.1 million known species in 500 years. At that frequency it will take nearly 190,000 years to reach 15% extinction i.e. a mass extinction.

    There is no climate crisis.

  3. We've had bizarre weather my entire life. In the 1970's people were claiming that the Soviets had learned to control the weather and were responsible for our wacky weather. Gullibility is stronger than ever today.

  4. the droughts and heat of the 1930’s was extreme ; the mississippi flood of 1927 was extreme ; the florida hurricane of 1935 was extreme ; the peshtigo fire was extreme : the new england hurricane of 1938 was extreme ; the bay of bengal hurricane in the 70’s that killed hundreds of thousands was extreme : the floods in china in the 30’s that killed millions were extreme : the california mega flood of 1862 was extreme . the weather recently ? meh

  5. Nature is sending us a message with the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis ‘ -by Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, 2020.
    As early as 34 years ago, in 1987, GPDC a non-religion group received a similar message from the Creator. JUDGEMENT UPON HUMAN BEINGS HAS BEGUN, ALTHOUGH DOOMSDAY IS OVER.
    This Judgement affects nature in the entire world. For instance, temperatures would change from cold to hot and hot to cold, floods, drought, accidents involving fire, earthquakes and diseases which are unexpected and incurable. FOR ALL THESE TO AN END HUMANS NEED TO APOLOGY FOR ALL WRONG DOING AND HELP EACH OTHER AND COME TO ONE OUR CREATOR, CREATOR OF WHOLE UNIVERSE ( NON RELIGION)

  6. Hottest Temp 40.3 recorded at RAF Base Coningsby Right Next To Hot Tarmac Runway and Home To Typhoon Jets, they even have Met Office Repeaters There and RAF clowns telling you how the heat affects them deploying the Jet Fighters Because The Engine Warms Up To Fast, Feck me what Do they do in Hotter Countries, Have Better Planes that Cope With Heat or Complain its To Hot In Desert, Fecking Lying ScumCuntMedia

  7. t's the Sun, it's cycles cannot be stopped.Nothing to do with the co2 scam.
    0.04% co2 in the atmosphere, 97% of that 0.04 is produced by the planet naturally. 3% of that 97% of 0.04% is added by humans. The amount is so small that it's not possible to cause any warming. During the Jurassic period, co2 was ten times higher, and life thrived.

  8. Pay attention kids, it’s not science, it’s politics. I’ve been hearing this nonsense for 50 years

    1960s – Oil gone in 10 years.
    1970s – Another ice age again in 10 years.
    1980s – Acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years.
    1990s – The ozone layer will be destroyed in 10 years.
    2000s – The ice caps will be gone in 10 years.

    All lies. Nothing happened, but all resulted in more taxes.

  9. Extreme weather is the natural state of earth and always has been, it's just that last 1000 years has been unusally calm compared to last 100 million of years.Nature always cope with this it's set into their genes to handle extreme temperature swings no matter what scientists say

  10. Don’t Believe The Warming Lie .
    The weather patterns are controlled by the Polar Vortex . Yes the ice sheets are reseeding , but so is the polar ice on Mars . Planets in our Solar System have increased there reflecting luminosity . Hence soil issues with nitrifying bacteria . I-am talking about a natural Cycle which is not caused by the impact of man . This natural cycle , maybe between thirty to forty thousand years . The Hero’s so far are Climatologists, who will not support the narrative of the Global Warming Lie and in doing so have committed suicide in there respective Correa’s and will never get funding again . Co2 will slow the rate of change not increase the rate of change in weather patterns . ❤to the brave who have spoken out .

  11. Where are those "climate change don't exist" bots now ? I live in Eastern Europe Baltics. Eastern Europe supposed to be chiller than west. And now in 2022 December 31 New year evening we have positive 12 degree celcius.Where are those "climate change don't exist" bots now ? I live in Eastern Europe Baltics. Eastern Europe supposed to be chiller than west. And now in 2022 December 31 New year evening we have positive 12 degree celsius.

    12 DEGREE IN MIDDLE OF WINTER !!! Never in my life such thing ever happened.

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