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climate change

Consequences in the Netherlands It is also getting warmer in the Netherlands and the sea level is rising. The main consequences of climate change for the Netherlands: The weather is becoming more extreme: more heavy showers, more heat waves. There is a greater risk of flooding: the rivers and sewers are no longer able to drain the water properly during heavy rainfall. Nature in the Netherlands is changing: species that originally come from warmer areas, feel more and more at home in the Netherlands. Well-known examples are the oak processionary caterpillar, the small hermit crab, certain tick species and the "hay fever plant" Ambrosia. Another effect is that spring starts earlier: plants bloom earlier, trees sprout earlier, insects appear earlier and birds breed earlier in the year. This can cause problems, for example for migratory birds that missed the insect peak upon arrival in the Netherlands and cannot find enough food. Species that cannot adapt quickly enough to changing circumstances run the risk of disappearing. There are also advantages: we can grow other vegetable and plant species because they will do better in the Netherlands. Winters are getting milder; it will freeze less often. It is getting wetter: in the spring, autumn and winter there is more rainfall. Summers are getting drier and hotter. There are more summer and tropical days. In the Netherlands, the consequences of climate change can probably be controlled. We can strengthen dikes and dunes and create storage areas along rivers for extra river water. You can also help to limit waterlogging by applying fewer tiles and more greenery in your garden. Rainwater can then sink into the soil, so that the sewer is less overloaded (so: less flooded basements and streets).

That special day.

you remember it.

22-12-2007, there was frozen fog on the trees and a blue sky. It was just a few hours. It was marvelous.

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