Climate change ‘undeniable’ force in extreme weather patterns

Climate change 'undeniable' force in extreme weather patterns 7

Climate scientist, Dr Ella Gilbert, says it is “undeniable” that climate change is making extreme weather patterns happen more often as the UK heatwave continues.

She said implementing greener energy solutions would be a “win, win, win scenario” helping with energy security, climate change and the cost of living.

A drought is expected to be declared in the South West of England.

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  1. Well a lot of Brits were in denial and then were saying their heat wave in which the temperature got to 104 F was just a blip and that they would be going back to usual conditions indefinitely.

  2. so sorry that we can do nothing about it since china is the root cause of all this. They are the biggest polluters and they refuse to change their course since there money is mostly made by ignoring the climate rules europe and usa follow

  3. We’ve had droughts before, tar melting on the roads, stand pipes, 2013 one month 85s 90s temps.
    On record ? so what about before records.
    We used to have regular very hot summers so what about the crap summers in recent years.
    Forecast…….possible….. ?
    I can’t wait for more crap summers to dispel climate change propaganda.
    Of course climate changes, it’s nature and some of our infrastructure but not as they describe it.

  4. The left calls the right climate deniers; the right calls the left nuclear power deniers. There's no math that makes renewables replace fossils – so progressives, please take another look at the science. The waste is manageable and if we don't solve the climate crisis, we won't be around long enough to worry about waste. Nuclear is getting better, cheaper, and safer all the time. More people die each hour because of fossil fuel than in the history of nuclear power. Here's a quick primer:

  5. I though that controllel climat change by laser beams and electromagnetic radiowaves was nonsense: check dutchsinse: Document: Wether Programm Office: Weather Modification Submission Information (1)

  6. I would like to see
    Nigel Lawson and Johnny Ball interviewed about climate change…both massive opponents of climate change..slays on TV as unqualified pundits..but their voices were heard and probably put back the correct time actions by years..should be jailed..

  7. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero. Net zero.

  8. Utter garbage. What about last year snowing until end of May. Lies, it’s called weather. All the lies have been debunked over and over again. Showing weather maps like burning coal is another tactic for your lies. Lies lies lies. Weather was here long before your communism…

  9. The fact the so called expert cannot categorically say the heatwaves are due to climate change tells me everything I need to know

    The climate doom mongers are buying into this crap & it’s embarrassing

  10. Were not going to fix this were human beings greed, selfishness and neglect is all we know if people cared as much about the planet as they did there Instagram followers it would be a good place I hope it does turn us to ruins I will happily sit back and watch these narcissistic, self centred disgusting freaks cry after simple things become scarce doesn't matter if your a billionaire or a pennyless homeless person we all need water and a planet to live on ???

  11. The elements are reacting to humanity’s sins against Mother Nature.
    No amount of tax payers money, nor forum, nor resolutions, etc can prevent Mother nature’s wrath.

  12. Magnetic Pole Migration, well underway, nearing the 40 degree mark. Solar Maximum Cycle peaking in 2032, dramatically increased ejections and sun spots potentially impacting earth. Combined; a severe impact on life on Earth due to weakened magnetosphere – thus, increased radiation impacting life on the surface, breakdown of the prevailing jet streams causing extreme weather events. But, let's focus on global warming – sorry, climate change, sorry extreme weather change … ?

  13. Absolute bs. Climate change is really chemtrails and HAARP which is weather manipulation and against international law. Don't believe this scam it's all about control just like the plandemic.

  14. But the naysayers will keep on neighing and whinnying like a horse. It's here, people are ruining the Earth just like the Bible said would be the case at Revelation 11:18. But God will put an end to it, along with those who don't believe and choose to keep sticking their heads in the sand.

    Want to discuss this? My email address is on my about page. I'm not interested in public debates. I don't play those games.

  15. Haha people on here doubting science on climate change when they're using a computer made by science to watch these vids /facepalm

  16. What ever happen, hot, cold, rain, floods..this imbeciles without any proof will link it to climate change. This is how dumb and ignorant the world has become. Planet earth is spinning faster than 24 hours a day, this happened twice last month, somehow no reporting on it yet but i won't be surprised if they link it to climate change as well ……..

  17. I'm willing to cut back on water use if it means we get these nice summers more often

    Best summer since 1976 so far

  18. Man made climate change paid fiction. Most expensive fiction ever

    In 1986 Ukrainian nuclear experienced the Chernobyl incident. The required nuclear insurance then rose to 40 billion per nuclear power plant. No insurance above one billion is available.

    So the academic stooges to nuclear power invented manmade global warming. As the natural weather was in a 28 year period of natural climatic warming. Which ended in 1995.

  19. 2050? These same people said 3 years ago that we literally had only 10 years left. Now it's "Well, if we work on it by 2050 we could start to reverse the climate".

  20. Yes climate change caused by the aolar cycle and solar particle forcing which directly affects the jet stream .la nina. El nino..and cloud cover. Please report the true science. This has nothing to do with carbon.

  21. ha ha ha ha…thats exactly how she "researched" this. She looked at headlines from the media for the past few years. Yep, "undeniable"?????

    Good grief, how old is she 14??

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