Climate Change: How prepared is Europe for extreme weather? – BBC Newsnight

Climate Change: How prepared is Europe for extreme weather? - BBC Newsnight 7

As wildfires rage in Greece and Italy registers record temperatures, what impact is climate change already having on Europe and how prepared are governments for what the future holds? Please subscribe HERE

Two days after the IPCC called climate change a ‘code red for humanity’ Europe has reported what would be its ‘highest ever’ temperature – 48.8C in Sicily.

How are people already coping with the impact of climate change and how prepared are European countries for the future?

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  1. It is not climate change it is because we have forgotten the one who gives us life and everything….God…..He controls His universe and our ingratitude and disregard for God are the reason God withholds His blessings…

  2. We used to have 4 seasons in my country, but in recent 10 years the so-called winters were not as cold as it used to be. I'm waiting to see how it will be in 2022.

  3. Has no one sussed out what is driving climate change yet? Do not believe the BBc etc. The fact is that the Earth has tilted so that the north pole is nearer the sun in summer it is so easy to work out . By the way it cant be stopped.

  4. Never s problem. Free fresh water

    We use O physics! This is being written in the UK, but he applies equally well all over the world. It is high school science. By definition the clear water down to 0° C, boils and a one metre of vacuum. Even ice goes directly into water vapour!

    I advocate using a 20 Watts solar vacuum pump. 1 W will boil off one metre of water a second. The other 19 W will transfer it into a high tank or little reservoir.

  5. Climate change is our biggest challenge for our future for our drinking water and the solution to water crisis 50years to come in the world is to Build Frozen Dams. It will help us to store water for a period of time and unfreeze it when we need water like when water dams are low and when we have drought. We freeze enough water that will last the city a year or until the next rain fall. We loss water in many way in our dams, when water is frozen Evaporation and absorption will not take place which are also the main causes of water loss in our dams. Frozen dams should be built between mountains where it is cool or where it normally snow in winter so we can collect water when snow melts. Frozen dams will also help to cool down the high temperature in the atmosphere during extreme heat that will be caused by Climate change Solar Energy and wind Turbines will be used to energize the Refrigerators and the Heaters to defrost the water heaters will be used or refrigerators can be switched off and water will defrost naturally

  6. And one year later ….. in 2022!?
    It all started with the Covid19 pandemic followed by the War in Europe and unprecedented 2022 heatwave and severe droughts, with some well-known european rivers gone almost completely dry , and economic and cost of living crisis, on it's rise from everywhere in the World!
    All these bad things happening one after another, 'may not be just a coincidence' ,it seems like the beginning of the end for this civilization, has started, like a terrible curse ,what happens only in the Holy Bible and that had really occurred in the history of humanity! AlarmingHints which are trying to tell us that 'the worst is yet to come' …is taking shape , slowly but surely!?
    Just Mr Onion's opinions!

  7. NONE of this can be tackled until we tackle the biggest underlying cause – POPULATION GROWTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are ways too may people already so lets stop shaggin like rabbits or get some birth control products.

  8. Who made us and. Why given the earth to spend life and wandering. the land, with sanctified, nothing / no one can move without the permission of all mighty ALLAH, this type of digester was ALLAH S wrath, we earn it our won hand, life means sex in European countries they thought it is a normal matter, no it is not, as much as in the World illegal sex was worst sin,

  9. The enviornment doesnt listen to token governments the way we do. Unfortunately it looks like we will all burn in hell for following them this long.

  10. Been a real nice summer here in Canada, never reached 30 yet. Its half the continent jack, "Canada" doesnt have one temperature lol.

  11. 50 is too hot for humans, wait until its 55 for half the summer and you cant keep the power on. Then you will feel like doing something about it, but you cant.

  12. More TREES! Will Help! More TREES! TREES! TREES! Will Remove Carbon Dioxide! TREES! To Bad For You If You Do Not Understand! Earth Needs More TREES! To Stop The Ice Melting! More Oxygen Will Cool Things Down! TREES Make OXYGEN! MORE TREES! Your All DUMB If You Cannot See My TRUTH!

  13. I quit watching this piece of fluff at 4:45. As a trained meteorologist the speaker is well aware of the trade winds and their effects. Yet he doesn't mention them. The reasons for these "heat domes" is that the trade winds have now been effected by climate change. Whereas they used to circle the globe in relatively straight patterns there are now wild fluctuations in them North and South. This is bringing hotter than normal temperatures up and colder than normal temperatures down. It all depends upon the fluctuations of the associated trade winds. While the news is now being forced to report the obvious to us, they are still manipulating the information by not giving us the full story. The fluctuating trade winds are A LOT more serious than we are being told. This has never happened before in recorded history, and as we are now experiencing the effects are extreme.

  14. No one is ready for the climate disaster. People are still living in the delusion, which is quite understandable, that somehow things will "return to normal." This is just the beginning of the new "normal".

  15. instead of every one spending money on raising a child who will increase the consumption of the limited resources, increase climate change, they can give money to water and energy and cancer researches

  16. Still waiting for any of these doomsday climate change theories to come through? They've been uttering these nonsense predictions for decades and it's only gotten colder!!! Record cold snow and ice all over the world failing harvests because of the unusual cold springs and summers for the last two years and all these warming nutters can talk about is a mini heat wave caused by a shifting jetstream which is caused by the current solar minimum which by the way causes droughts and floods!!! Wake up it's a scam!!!

  17. ????? ?? ????? ?? ??? ???????? ????? ??????

    The United Nations recently celebrated the International Mother Earth Day as a reminder to protect the environment. Heat waves, droughts, fires and heavy rains that cause severe flooding have become more frequent in many parts of the world due to climate change, which affects the entire worldwide population.

    The Earth is facing a “triple planetary crisis,” warn UN officials. Climate disruption, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste are the main areas of concern regarding the current state of the environment. This year, the Earth Day’s theme is “Invest In Our Planet,” so what would humanity's best investment for the planet be?

    We need to start by cleaning up the planet. There is no place on Earth where the air and water are clean, and that's a real problem. In theory, tackling this issue should be our priority when it comes to taking action to improve the dismal state of our planet. But let’s not fool ourselves. Such a plan alone will solve nothing.

    It will only help the international organizations to justify their own existence. They tick off "done" to raise as much money as they want, and that's it. If we do not improve relations between us, we will not be able to achieve the great and ambitious improvement in nature that we want and need to attain globally. We will never achieve a good result through bureaucratic, mechanical measures.

    There are a lot of people sitting in their comfortable offices profiting from the environmental crisis and demanding money and respect. They keep flying from one end of the world to the other on all kinds of missions to make a lot of noise with what they are "doing" and which everyone "needs to hear" as if that alone means something is happening, but in practice we see no real progress. The Earth must also be cleansed of them, of these people who engage in useless campaigns that only cause harm because they mislead the world, leading it away from the real solution.

    The cleaning of the planet should start inside out. If we do not clean the planet from within, and continue with our reckless behavior and the selfish nature of our hearts as before, nothing will change for the better. The immense sums invested in environmental initiatives should be directed to spreading an educational process aimed at improving the way we relate to each other.

    Humans are the most developed and influential factors of all of nature's levels: still, vegetative, animate and human. Since we occupy the highest level in nature, positively affecting the environment, the climate, and nature in general can be achieved by reaching positive relations among us. On the contrary, by letting our divisive drives tear apart human relations, we also destroy our surrounding environment, the very nature that our lives depend on.

    The more we humans are able to correct ourselves by changing our divisive attitudes toward each other into positive attitudes of mutual support, encouragement, mutual responsibility, and reciprocal concern, the more we will receive positive feedback from nature. And the more we develop without making this necessary correction, the more negative feedback we will receive from nature, as we have experienced in the form of natural disasters, pandemics.

    It is of utmost importance for us to organize our thoughts, desires and qualities so that we understand that saving the environment and a shift to a better future depend solely on changing our attitudes to each other: from antagonistic egoism to positive, compassionate and cooperative relationships.

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