Climate change fueling summer’s extreme weather

Parts of the world are lurching from drought to deluge in a summer of extreme weather likely goosed by human-caused climate change. (Aug. 23)

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  1. It's time to play the UN's favorite game show 6 Degrees of Gullible Warming. See how many things in life that have happened forever can be traced back to an unproven theory within 6 convoluted connections. And scare people into giving them more money to waste on futile, virtue signaling efforts.

  2. 5G and satellites increase hot temperatures. But who wants to give up their cell phone?
    Chem trails are killing trees and plant life which gives off oxygen, this also allows more heat.

  3. Gold renditioning, addits/intense aromatic rivers and air will work.Ultra cheap 10k or not… Makes allot of beautiful people and food too. Thee drugs….uh, different steet…great social feel.

  4. Sorry folks. Climate is warming and scientists still use both Global Warming and Climate Change. Just because the science-denying politicians in the GWB administration stopped using Global Warming does not mean the actual scientists changed anything.

    Is the climate changing? Yes.
    Is the earth warming? Yes.
    Would the earth be warming if not for the additional CO2? No.
    Is CO2 causing the warming? Evidence says 'absolutely'.
    Can we do anything about AGW? Of course, but because of science deniers and science aliterates, we must prepare to adapt and spend far more.

  5. Is the climate changing? Yes
    Is climate change man made? Evidence says no.
    Is co2 causing climate change? Evidence says no.
    Can we do anything about climate change? Yes, we can adapt.

  6. One interesting phenomenon: the lack of hurricanes in the Atlantic. This is the very height of hurricane season but so far thankfully nothing. And meteorologists were predicting more frequent and more powerful ones with each passing year. Just shows that even the experts can make a bad call. ?

  7. This video and the person being interviewed are a farce. The recent weather is caused by the Solar minima reducing the strength of the circumpolar jet streams, allowed the jet streams to meander far more wide and often between the high and low latitudes, redirected cold polar air masses into the mid-latitudes, and warm air masses from the tropical and mid-latitudes into the polar latitudes, and generally result in more extreme variations in temperatures, precipitation, drought, and flooding. It is all natural and is more evident during Solar maxima and Solar minima. We are now experiencing the beginnings of what may prove to be a Grand Solar Minima which is experienced on an occasion across centuries of time and long before the beginnings of modern weather observations and recordkeeping of record temperatures and record precipitation extremes. Examples such as the 500 year North American drought which devastated the New World before the year 1600 illustrate how current weather conditions are considerably more moderate than in the last two millennia.

  8. Since the bombardment of solar energy has eased the temp has dropped to pleasant 80s in August.
    Maybe some actual science instead of drama.
    Yes the resources should be protected but electric cars ain't it

  9. Maybe they should spray the sky, geoengineer to help fight climate change. They should use stratospheric aresol injection to block out the sun, that might help cool things down.


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