Chinese chief warns foreign countries on CCP anniversary Extraordinary weather in China | China in Focus

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Chinese Communist chief #XiJinping warns foreign forces not to bully Beijing.
The punishment for undertaking so? In his terms: “the blood and flesh of 1.4 billion Chinese folks.”

On the eve of the Chinese regime’s anniversary, crowds packed Hong Kong’s airport, numerous of them headed to the British isles. Some even paid double the rate for their one particular-way tickets.

#ExtremeWeather hits China’s coastal Shandong Province. Raging by the day and evening, it established a new record for the city’s historical past.

A group of Chinese ladies, witnessed dancing to professional-Communist songs in New York City. One particular person filmed them, and condemned them on the web. But Chinese condition media shortly adopted the clip, incorporating their very own spin.

And a lawsuit in Serbia reaches a verdict — involving the country’s law enforcement, eleven European citizens, and the Chinese regime. A filmmaker there tells us the story.

00:00 Intro
00:58 Xi warns foreign nations on CCP anniversary
03:01 Hongkongers flee to United kingdom in advance of CCP anniv.
05:30 HK police arrest activist ‘Grandma Wong’
06:34 Exiled Tibetans: CCP anniversary a ‘Black Day’
08:31 NYC exhibit: CCP’s ‘Crimes towards humanity’
10:58 Extraordinary weather conditions in China’s Shandong province
12:23 Chinese media steals video clip from anti-CCP guy
13:58 Lawsuit in Serbia: 11 anti-CCP protesters detained
18:02 H&M returns to earnings as shops reopen
19:22 Taiwan resumes trades talks with the U.S.
21:05 Doubts more than Uk government’s tactic to China

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Chinese leader warns overseas nations around the world on CCP anniversary Serious temperature in China | China in Emphasis
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  1. Let's remember that the 39.5 mil. Chinese immigrants around the world have always obeyed the C.C.P in the past and still today obey the C.C.P…and were the main investors for more than 50% of the financial resources , for china's ( C.C.P ) industrial growth during the past 30yrs….
    And I do believe that the Chinese economy has only vandalised ours through the the use of highly underpaid labour and the total absence of human rights.
    Let's avoid buying products imported from such a place and benefit our own economy and our own work rights ..

  2. if only trump would have planned to rebuild a wall around china…maybe he would have won against baiden. (its a joke, please don't comment bullshit at me^^)

  3. 01:30 big words for crap builders. hmm hk people need to arm and murder the ccp agents 3d printers. and i would get those British who gave it to the ccp they are not the true leaders of china tiawan is.

  4. They are traitors who lived in other country .They think living in America their faces will changed into american . You'll received rascist marks from Americans.

  5. He keeps it up and China will be crushed who gives a s*** about his 1.4 million people when the Free world comes against China there will be no escaping and why because his own people are brutalized by their own government and won't stand up to this tyrant it's time for his rain to end

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