Catastrophic floods in Europe: Is serious weather inescapable or avoidable?

Rescue crews worked to very clear up harm laid bare by receding h2o on Saturday as the dying toll from disastrous flooding in western Europe rose over 160.

The dying toll in western Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate state, residence to the poorly strike Ahrweiler county, rose to 98.

A different 43 men and women were verified useless in neighbouring North Rhine-Westphalia point out.

Belgium’s national crisis centre said the country’s confirmed dying toll rose to 27.

Days of weighty rain turned typically slight rivers and streets into raging torrents this 7 days and brought on the disastrous flooding that swept absent cars and trucks, wrecked residences and trapped people.

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  1. News flash: GOD controls the weather. People can not change the weather any more than they can stop the volcano from erupting in LaPalma. But a lot of people have gotten rich in the climate change industry. Kind of like the vast increase in wealth for the pharmaceutical companies. Oh wait- they are "scientists," too. ? Maybe, just maybe, we have been lied to by scientists for a lot longer than we realize.

  2. what a nutcracker, its man made true , building where ur not supposed too , too many ppl= stone desert , no mor water absorbtion by ground and greens, trees and hedges

  3. if climate change and so called global warming means a yearly suntan in Scotland and a few extreme wet days, then I'm all for it. top tip….. Don't build houses on ANCIENT FLOOD PLAINS! why? because they are bloody natural flood plains that are supposed to get flooded occasionally during extreme weather events. This isn't anything new, as the name 'ANCIENT FLOOD PLAIN' suggests. It's been happening since it could happen and will continue to happen as long as it can happen.

  4. He wouldn't like to call the country "little Britain." Hmm… obviously not looked a map recently (or ever). Anyone who thinks that a medium-sized country with a population of 67 million people and no significant industrial base (anymore) on an international comparison is not "little" when looked at from a global perspective is not really living in the real world.

  5. There have been floods, ice ages, warm periods, tsunami, hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes since Earth has existed. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that there has been any pattern of change upwards or downwards in the number of these events happening in the past century. Our ability to deal with has gotten better for sure, our ability to predict them and catalogue them for sure. The fact is that there have been countless periods of great warmth and cold in the Earth's long history and in this current interglacial period there has been a fair share of extreme weather events. With the coming solar minimum and no recorded average increase in Earth's mean temperature since 1998, we are likely to enter into a new "Little Ice Age'' as experienced in the 1700 and 1800's when the Thames in London would routinely freeze over in the winter and deep snow fell for months each year even in the south of England.

  6. How much have the sea levels risen regarding the amount of warming melting ice and ice caps have they risen year on year or is it just storms.
    During my life time spanning 70 years there has always been extreme weather.
    If anything it's probably more to do with over population of the planet

  7. These weather events are NOT new and not out of line with nature.

    They have ZERO evidence that these events are a result of perfectly normal long weather patterns of earth or are they JUST because of us?

    No scientific studies can comprehensive answer that.

    99% of scientist agree the WEATHER IS CHANGING
    99% of scientist agree humans ofc contribute as all life does…

    But… 99% of scientist DO NOT agree that humans are responsible for X amount of it.

    No… No…. They don't know WHY it's happening.

    They don't even know what the weather is SUPPOSED to be tomorrow…

    There is no such thing as SUPPOSED to be!!!

    That's the fraud of the activists.

    They DONT know.


  8. Caused by displacement due to geo engineering. Solar radiation management using co2 over the oceans to create white cloud, along with calcium carbonate in the air since 2019. In the name of MOVING THE DIAL ? well it’s killing me slowly thanks for not listening. But don’t think your safe.

  9. Extreme weather is avoidable but you not going to like the solution. Stop ? buying cheap shit from prime mark. Pressure the government for better public transport. Reduce your selection of produce so we're not shipping tasteless strawberries from halfway the world.

  10. how about asking him how much CCP and Harp have managed to achieve in their research on weather control. I understand that China was able to alter the weather for the Olympic games – anyone know? and yes, no mention of dredging

  11. Neither. It's the norm & always has been.

    The only difference is the weight of reporting of extreme weather & the fact that nowadays, everyone carries a video camera to record the dramatic.

    There is no evidence that extreme weather is more prevalent these days, indeed the opposite is true, but with climate change facts are irrelevant.

    So much of the newest, peer-reviewed science shows the human element of climate change to be, at worst, negligible, & probably non-existent, & since this must be being deliberately ignored by scientists, politicians & the MSM, the only conclusion one can reasonably come to, is that climate change is being used as justification for political & economic agendas, & it will continue to be used until we're building igloos in Madrid.

    Condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in this not-man-made tragedy.

  12. Just naturally occurring weather, always has been.

    I always feel like more and more people doesn’t help things. Usually means new buildings end up flood planes. Like in Germany – they aren’t 100-year-old homes being destroyed…

  13. I remember just 20 years ago, as a child, watching on Newsround how by now major cities would be underwater from all the ice melting, and we would all be fried by the ozone hole (updated daily for max fear) . These people are frauds , the earth has not even warmed over this period of history, that has contained the great industrialisation of China,India and developing nations, hence the rebrand from Global warming to Climate change. The Ozone layer must be fine by virtue that it is never mentioned anymore. What new lies will be pedalled to my Grandkids in 20 yrs i dread to think.
    Shame on GB news for not bringing on real Scientists whos job and funding does not depend on perpetuating these lies, the BBC influence runs far too deep here.

  14. The freak weather is probably being caused by human maniacs like Bill Gates trying to change nature with their weather control masts, putting particles into the atmosphere to block out the sun

  15. I think the forungulater has been increasing condensation into the isomorphic troposphere and when the di-oxions reach critical mass, there will be a purge of di-hydrogen oxide thus causing extinction level events

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