Canada’s Extreme Cold Breaks Records, Confuses Satellites, and Spreads East

Rachel Schoutsen is joined by meteorologist Rhythm Reet to talk about some of the unusual behaviour caused by extreme cold in Western Canada, and where the cold is going to next.

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  1. its winter, so it will be biting cold; especially in canada. and dont forget, its only january 14th…is many months of winter left to go. unless that warm spell somehow lasts until april or may.

  2. Hooray for natural gas ,coal ,and fireplace s ….don't hear to much about "green initiatives " when it's this cold out in the prairies ….the Federal Liberal party members sitting in their toasty warm homes heated from Saskatchewan fossil fuels….hahaha!

  3. Everything now a days is record breaking when it come to The Weather Network. The past summer was "record breaking" with high temps too. I work outside and we didn't take a single day off due to heat( normal year 2 or 3 days). Its almost like they get funding from a certain federal government, that has an agenda to push…?

  4. ya girls it’s almost like a polar vortex is a a sub zero cloud held down at ground level for a week before it’s pushed out by a system of a warmer temperature. tell us more weather authority we need knowledge.

  5. I remember when our weather used to be more accurate, we got rid of 350 ground weather stations across Canada and relyed mostly on satellites ever since. Big mistake especially for people who rely on accurated weather, days in advance. By that I mean people who work outside and it was a good heads up for the rest.

  6. it's time for the global warming deniers to wake from their one year hibernation to spout what about global warming the single week that we get cold anymore. next week you can go to sleep for a year when it's 70°

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