Bootleg Fire at 388K acres, extreme weather prompts officials to talk to for help

The menace of thunderstorms and lightning has prompted officials in hearth-ravaged Oregon to inquire for assistance from outside the house the Pacific Northwest to prepare for more blazes as several resources are previously devoted to a massive forest fireplace.


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  3. I live in British Columbia Canada just above the Washington and Idaho borders. We currently have 299 wildfires with just 104 deemed "Under Control". Our firefighting teams have already been maxed, the military has been deployed, and we just declared a State of Emergency. We have additional firefighters on route from eastern Canada and from Mexico. So far 744,000 acres have burnt which is equivalent to approximately 1/2 of the State of Delaware. 87 or our wildfires are deemed "Out Of Control"

  4. The idiots in charge of fighting fire are why these fires get like this. For shit sake, back burn it! Get miles ahead and start cutting down the timber and burn a fire line. I mean you literally go over this in the training! Now we let it get this big, oh ya for taxes….forgot about that. What a damn joke!



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