Bondi Beach

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Bondi Beach

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"Bondi" or "Boondi" is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks. Bondi Beach is about one kilometre long (≈0.6 miles) and receives many visitors throughout the year. There is an underwater shark net shared, during the summer months, with other beaches along the southern part of the coast. Pods of whales and dolphins have been sighted in the bay during the months of migration. Fairy penguins, while uncommon, are sometimes also seen swimming close to shore or amongst surfers in southern line-up. Bondi Beach was added to the Australian National Heritage List in 2008.

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#Sunrise As the days pass by. The lines of yr light still stand high. You wrote in the Sky & I wonder why at times, you say goodbye. I’ll see yr beauty, yr grace, yr traces as you pass by my space. Lines of yr essence are so clear to me, so dear to me