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Welcome back to Boneheaded Boaters of the Week! As usual we review some clips of some people doing some silly things on a boat mixed in with some people doing incredible things on boats.

We have several good ones this week including some boats battling extreme weather..

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  1. Up north here it warmed up 60 degrees after the Arctic blast and we were still below freezing. Anybody with a boat still on the water was hurtin' for certain.

  2. you always mention drain plugs. Remember your shaft seals. I have dripless shaft seals on my boat. Guess what they do drip and they do leak. Check your shaft seals yearly

  3. Gosh the ocean needs to be full of more fish the fisherman are just old news they will fish us out of everything even the mermaids are getting pissed yeah boaters you better start watching your backs and the fisherman I got bigger things coming this year ain't going to be the same… simulation is dwindling with a poor fisherman going to do with their time when all the fish just disappear? Not in 50 years in 1 hour

  4. The video of the seal was funny, but trust me you're not going to hurt that seal, knock the hell out of it! It reminds me of going in the pin to feed hogs, a 400-500lbs hog is dangerous when she has piglets, I always carried a 2×4 with me

  5. Hey broncos guru, love your videos. I’ll be going to the Ft. Lauderdale area this March, maybe I plan on checking out Haulover inlet and a s many other locations as I can. I’m Comping down from Alaska.

  6. Some of these videos just make me wonder about people, like how dumb could be people be.. like they're competing for the title of worlds dumbest boat owner .

  7. I think that you should have shown the first scene last in order to "seal" it is as a definite winning video! Thanks for the update!

  8. After the holidays…I relate a bit to much to the fat seal with his head in the bait tank/cookie jar! Lol. Thanks for another great video and Happy New Year!!!

  9. First clip, I wonder what seal tastes like? :>D
    3:57 Hilarious you can tell the new boat hand, the old fella is rock solid and the other is sliding side to side on the baskets!



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