Biggest Snowstorm of the Winter season Up coming Week

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Josh’s Serious Climate discusses which states will get strike by heavy snowfall with a effective storm future week. At the exact same time, areas of Texas will get strike by important rain and heavy storms, placing a dent in the drought. And regrettably, serious weather conditions appears to be to plague storm-weary Southerners the moment all over again.

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  1. My god, I follow so many weatherman and not one person talks about Oklahoma at all. Ryan hall talked about it for less than 2 seconds. WHY WONT ANYONE TALK ABOUT OKLAHOMA!!!!

  2. 22:25 glad you talked about the south east I feel like it might be even worse than Tuesday because that low level jet matches up with the cluster of storms and if prefrontal supercells form it could be a growing concern, anything can change though! Great video!

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  4. Winter advisor at best here in Northeast Ohio. Not a winter storm here unless we get at a minimum 8 to 12 inches + and these models from what i see don't show that.
    This storm as of now more of a nuisance snow than a big winter storm here in northern Ohio.
    Thank you for the update.

  5. I live in East Tennessee and where I am gets lots of snow. Got a mountain on each side of me and for some reason it all gets dumped on us . I’m at a higher elevation than in town where they get nothing or very little. So “yay” for me!!!

  6. Excited to see what happens on Wednesday in northern Kentucky.

    I live in one of those little pockets areas near Florence Kentucky that always seems to get smacked with more snow than the rest of the area.




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