Big buck country

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Big buck country

I should have known better but in the end it worked out really well for me. I am not much of a hunter but I have a good friend that is. He invited me to go with him and I thought to myself I don’t care if I hunt but it could be an opportunity to get some good pics. The weather was suppose to be decent not much chance for moisture. This day reaffirmed my opinion of weather men. It was dark when we left the horse trailer so it was hard to see what we were riding our horses into but probably a good thing because if we could have seen what the top of the mountain looked like I don’t think we would have left. By the time we got half way up the mountain it was raining and snowing sideways. After persevering to the top(still snowing sideways) we tied the horses up and looked to start a fire. After forty five min, two books of matches, two lighters and still no fire I said to hell with it! Grabbed my camera and went to taking pictures. Luckily after about ten min the weather broke, the sun and the warmth came out and left some spectacular views!

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