Biden’s plans to protect citizens from extreme heat in US

Biden's plans to protect citizens from extreme heat in US 7

US President Joe Biden announces additional actions to protect communities from extreme heat.

It comes as the UN’s secretary general warns global leaders to make every effort to protect their citizens as extreme weather is expected to become ‘the new normal’.

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  1. Maybe we should cut military spending, and close some of the 800 bases we have all over the globe. Why is it the taxpayers that have to make sacrifices, when the military is the biggest polluter on the planet? That $850 billion Pentagon budget was bipartisan, like it always is.

  2. Climate change has always existed since creation. But the weaponization of weather – now that is new. Joe Biden is senile and has dementia. He reads from a teleprompter. He needs to be removed from office immediately. And he needs to be held accountable for betraying our country – traitor Joe – for money.

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