Biden: Excessive climate prices US $99 BILLION every year

In a community address Tuesday, President Biden stated that excessive climate price tag the U.S. $99 billion around the previous 12 months by yourself.


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  1. As much as the dems want to convince you we have extreme weather due to "climate change" its not true. You can look up records of weather from the 1800 before oil was even discovered and find the same "extreme" weather.

  2. Weather is the one thing that affects us all, regardless of status. Nature doesn’t care about politics. We should at least be able to fight this in a bipartisan manner. Record storms and temperatures seem to happen yearly where I live. I’d rather spend money doing something about that than spend it on more foreign wars.

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  4. I want to know his plan to control weather patterns…seems to me the planet has froze and thawed multiple times before humans existence just a thought but it might be out of our control

  5. California’s operating budget surplus has swelled to more than $75 Billion fueled by a surging economy and capital-gains taxes. The surplus will leave Newsom and lawmakers with $38 billion extra to spend as they see fit.

    Red states are the most Socialist States in the Union.
    Red States always have their hand out for welfare and food stamp funding from Blue States to the tune of over $600 billion per year. That’s why taxes and gas prices are higher in California. Most homeless people prefer to live where the weather is warm.
    The dead red hate states are the least productive States in the country.
    However, they are good at producing poverty, misinformation, Covid cases, racism, white supremacists, and poor education. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Since 1969, Republican presidential administrations have 121 criminal indictments and 89 convictions, while Democrats have had 3 and 1 respectively.

  6. 99 billion? That's about as much as you gave the taliban in high-tech equipment.
    Drop in the bucket, when you compare it to the 3.5 trillion you want to spend on nothing, that will help Americans.

  7. We are not 'fixing' the climate anytime in any of our lifetimes. Act accordingly. (RIP. Doggerland.)
    The arrogance of the idea itself is just astonishing.
    No one knows what the weather will be like next week but we think we can reverse the climate. GTFOH.

  8. How dumb do you gotta be to not realize they need controlled burns. Also, no matter what we do it won't matter if other countries don't as well.

  9. Then STOP GEOENGINEERING the weather!

    Weather modifications has been used as far back as the Vietnam war (if not before). There is NO natural weather anymore because of what you idiots have done and ARE DOING on a daily basis!

    Stop ALL of the radio frequency manipulation along with ALL the bunker fuel being used!!!

  10. Are we really this ignorant as a nation to think that what we do can change the natural occurrence of Earth's weather system? By the way, what is China doing? Nothing we do will make a difference if other countries do nothing.

  11. Looking ahead, researchers have estimated that by 2030, if obesity trends continue unchecked, obesity-related medical costs alone could rise by $48 to $66 billion a year in the U.S. ( 8) Countries with lower obesity rates than the U.S. spend a smaller share of their healthcare dollars on obesity, but the burden is still sizable.

  12. Extreme weather is caused by EXTREME (TAXED FREE) COR PORTIONS wasting fossil fuels with no regard to anyone's health. Over consumption of electric and SO-CALLED smart EVERYTHING is KILLING US! A lot like the GOV that lets dangerous virus lab leak US!



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