Biden: &#391 In Every 3 People&#39 Have Been Impacted By &#39Extreme Climate&#39

In remarks in Queens nowadays, President Biden spoke about the charge of local climate change, and urged Congress to move his spending strategies.

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  1. Sure, he talks about climate change while the Paris Climate Accords suck the U.S. taxpayer dry but allows China to build hundreds of coal-fired power plants! Democrars are such liars!

  2. Man the democrats are desperate for the public to forget about Afghanistan. And of the the major media outlers play to the funding tune. The administration should have been removed for leaving americans and not helping our allies, and now the dems are trying to get back on track to further destroy this country with their socialism and made up bills that continue to misuse and abuse tax dollars. The government should finish getting all americans and allies out of Afghanistan and should be helping Afghanistan regain their country.

  3. I watched that video again this morning for some reason and again noticed the first 45 seconds of how Joe thinks he is God's gift to America. He stated no-one was complaining, everyone hoped "he" could could help or do something, and everyone was thanking "him" repeatedly for his efforts…..I was just sickened by the egotistical mentality he has. I would have like to seen him in Afghanistan or even Europe (remotely during the withdraw of Afghanistan) talk that way. Ole sleepy Joe talks tough when the environment is in his control. Apparently when you walk down an insured part of town by the residents your not going to get too many complaints; plus the people he surveyed probably voted for him and don't have a bucket to water, so they keep their comments to themselves. Look, basically Joe feels he is doing good and he is mentally misguided and surrounded by "yes" people who want political power as well. He is wrong and only wants to do so in an environment that is under "his" control. Typical liberal. "I'm the government and I'm here to help". Try that saying in south Washington, Baltimore, or Chicago. Non-existent leadership and terrible management. A career politician that has done nothing but talk and drain taxpayer pockets. We all got what "they" voted for us….a guy that does nothing but screw up our economy, cut jobs, and have terrible global diplomacy. So sad.

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