Biblical Climate Prophecy Functions Going on – Severe Climate Ailments All around The Globe

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Biblical Temperature Prophecy Event Happening – Excessive climate circumstances about the world

The Earth’s local climate has altered during history. Just in the very last 650,000 a long time there have been seven cycles of glacial progress and retreat, with the abrupt conclusion of the very last ice age about 7,000 a long time ago marking the beginning of the modern day weather period — and of human civilization. Most of these local climate improvements are attributed to extremely modest versions in Earth’s orbit that change the total of photo voltaic strength our earth receives.

Latest functions in the 21st century, has proven an extreme boost on excessive weather conditions ailments causing normal disasters, the way the bible prophecies declared.

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  3. Ecosystem collapse is inherent in a sixth mass extinction, which humans have ushered in due to changing the chemistry of the atmosphere. Birds now but we'll be next. Humans are so stupid they've forgotten they are wholly dependent on nature (this is why God put us into a GARDEN rather than a beautiful crystal palace for example), which crashes all around them directly from their actions as a greedy virus-like species that is doubling its numbers every 40 years and quadrupling its impact on Earth about the same rate thanks to capitalism's fantastic efficiency at selling off the planet's resources (i.e. the worship of money)

    Incidentally, the text below the video is very misleading. "Most of these climate changes are attributed to very small variations in Earth’s orbit that change the amount of solar energy our planet receives." makes one assume that the current problem is slow and a result of orbital changes. Or, since this is targetted at religious people. the idea that God is behind this is, quite frankly, both insulting to God and just not true. While true in the past, the current sixth mass extinction is a result of fossil fuel burning as well as other forms of greenhouse gas emissions. Almost no scientist on the planet doesn't know this, but apparently, some people don't. The solution will happen one of two ways: (a) We stop using fossil fuels and treating our planet like a dump, including reducing our population to stop the overshoot of humans or (b) nature will crash humanity so hard it might not make it. The choice is ours, but as long as people believe this is the hand of an invisible man in the sky, I don't see much changing until most of us die.

  4. Biblical Weather Prophecy Events Happening – Extreme Weather Conditions Around The Globe!

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