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My thoughts about sleeping systems in general, and I showed my Snugpak current sleeping system and some other products.

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  1. My first sleeping bag was Elite 1, still have it. I love how spacious it is when expanded. Now i try to avoid asian made stuff as much as i can so i bought SF1 to compare with Defence 1. SF is definitely better made than Elite, but the zipper and general feel of the bag don't do favourably when compared to Carinthia in, my opinion.

    Agreed for most part on the mats. Savotta is 100% reliable and rugged, and when my safety depends on it i always take it, but thanks to recent back surgery, i need a bit more comfort and after few disasters with Klymit and snugpak self inflating, now i use S2S ether light. I don't trust it, and i wouldn't want to have to rely on it only, but in summer on its own, and in colder seasons on top of the savotta, it is just as comfortable as my bed at home and weighs almost nothing. In this instance my fetish for rugged indestructible gear is overwritten by pure comfort.

    Would love to see your opinion on biwi bags. I use my Observer Plus in all seasons, and it has always served me well. Also have carinthia's sleeping bag cover biwi, but I can't sleep with fabric on my face so I hardly use it.

  2. No one thing will keep you warm. 1) separate yourself from the cold ground. 2) separate yourself from the atmosphere. 3) have a heat source. 4) have dry baselayer to change into. 5) eat a warm meal before sleep. 6) cover with something warm, like sleeping bag or wool blanket. It's not rocket science. Your dog can help keep you warm. Also, a thermo-reflective sleeping pad cover works great for me. It slips over your sleeping pad and has aluminium coating that reflects the heat back to your body. Mine is from "2GoSystems" and best money I've ever spent. Super light and It'l protect your sleeping pad from puncture but can be used with any sleeping pad technology.

  3. I really appreciate, your videos bro. But please don't use. Just that sleeping system, in Canada. During the winter. Not even, in Southern Ontario. Stay safe. Cheers ?

  4. You've made a good point about inflating mats that defends itself:). There are very good and expensive inflating mats with high R value that will manage to keep you out of very cold ground – but you have to graduate a 'baby sitting' training for them to last. No option to sleep in them with clothes – buttons, zippers can easy rub the shell and poke. Those are not multipurpose. I had to take additional kneeling pad to sit by the fire – one, because of the fire – heat, sparks… And the other is that those are not for sitting – it does not work well when most of the weight concentrates on a small area – eventually welding will give up. Those are not for high-speed-low-drag kind of adventures

  5. I have some snugpak stuff i bought it off Ben at living survival in the USA, man it's hard to get snugpak stuff here in Canada , it is either crazy expensive or not available. I have the 3 want to get the 5 but hard to find here.

  6. Love your videos. But, I have to disagree with you on what is the best sleeping system. I have owned the Snugpack Special forces sleeping system., Probably their best system. The one thing I hated was the zippers. The zippers on the Snugpack, for the lack of a better word, suck. I think the Carinthia Defense 4 in combo with the Tropin bag are far better… primarily because of the rapid deployment zippers. In fairness, you are correct. Carinthia is expensive. BUT, just look for the British Army modular sleep system. It is an exact replica of the Carinthia sleep system and I was able to find both pieces ( the Defence 4 and the Tropen bag) new for $125. Far cheaper than the Carinthia or Snugpack AND the British modular still have the AWESOME rapid deployment zippers that Carinthia uses. The Brit bought a copywrite permission with Carinthia to copy their bags. For all that haven't tried them, you should. You will never use another sleeping system.

  7. Awesome video! I always assumed that 'sleep system' was a term used ironically, as I never have any actual sleep, while my wife's snoring I'm worried that there's a serial killer walking round outide the tent.

  8. Love Snugpak stuff, the Jungle Bag with built in bug net and wide bottom is excellent in the summer. I also use the Jungle Blanket which is useful and their Poncho. But the product that's so simple but very effective is their Antarctic Mat, I use it like swag roll and offers good insulation. I always end up adding breath to my self inflate mats, I have few different ones.

  9. I use sleeping bag with a undermat that can be used as a stretcher. It has a foam mat inside (removable) that I covered with mylar thermalplanket. It is nice and warm even on a cold ground. Also have bivvybag, have not got a time to test it out. But should get out there in the near future to test this out in snow.

  10. Hello from Vorarlberg ??
    I've literally just use that sleeping system by -10°c! ?? I love my snugpak sleeper extreme! ? I just posted a picture of it on my own YouTube Community tab ?
    Kind regards Leopold ?

November Sunrise 26

November Sunrise

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ENDORPHIN ↗️ #travel #traveling #travelgram #selfie #underwater #backpacking #backpack #likes #like4like #likeforlike #tagsforlikes #freedive #indonesia #pesonaindonesia #wonderfulindonesia #igdaily #igers #instagood #instalike #instasize