Beach Sunset …

Beach Sunset ... 7

Beach Sunset ...

It is covered with white snow for several months, hunting for colors around Bruce Peninsula, unfortunately, no colors were found, driving along the rural and lakes almost a day, stopped at Goodrich – the beach was full of people during summer time, now it was empty. It was hard to tell it is lake or sand, they were all like "sand" dunes… Finally captured a bit colors with sun down on the end of the lake.

My car was fully “painted” with mud. Washed at automatic car washing shop twice, finally showed its true color ?

PS: The side of the roads were piled with thick snow, looked like solid, but if you stepped on it, whole leg would be trapped in the snow… Questions: if one leg was trapped in the snow, you would put another leg in or pull out of the leg from snow? ?

Happy Friday my friends!

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