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Hitech: GND 1.2

Posted by Hemo Kerem

Tagged: , seascape , beach , water , sunset , sunstar , Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 , Sony , Sony a55 , hitech , my_gear_and_me , PlatinumHeartAward , my_gear_and_me_premium , my_gear_and_me_bronze , my_gear_and_me_silver , my_gear_and_me_gold , my_gear_and_me_platinum , my_gear_and_me_diamond , cloudy , pwpartlycloudy

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Written by weatherwtf

Serious Climate Outbreak – Intense Winds, Massive Hail and a Couple of Tornadoes

#Sunrise You’ve reached that point. Reached to the stars in daylight hours. Nearly the end of the working week & time to get out of yr working feet. Chillax relax & do yr do that thing that’s sacred to you. A place & space where you light up at such pace