After driving hours along the icelandic fjord we arrived in the little town of Hofn.
Not too far from it, there is a moutain called Vesturhorn. As usual it was windy, but this time on the field, the wind was even stronger, blowing the black sand into our face making the challenge to take picture even more epic.

After 30 min, Dan told me that he lost the key!!

Too be honest, I wasn’t worry at all, i was pretty sure we’d find them easily. But after 2 hours of intense research into the dunes of black sand fighting against the wind and the night coming over, we had to quit and get a B plan. Nobody was around to help us and the town was at 15 km….
Confident, we started walking toward the town but we realized it would take us hours and hours to reach Hofn. Then we had to give a few calls and wait hours in the frizzing night to finally have someone willing to help us!
The worst is that we had to leave the car alone with all our stuff blocked inside (specially the camera gear).

Lucky us, Hofn has an aerodrome and the rental car sent us the spare key by plane. So after a deserved restful night in a confortable hotel and less than 10 hours after the event, we got the spares key in our hands.
We got back to the car and decided to have a quick look around if we would find the lost keys… it took us less than 2 minutes to found them wink emoticon!

At the end, we spent more time looking for the key than taking picture however i managed to have a few interesting images

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